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Pinterest Marketing Tool Tailwind Now Rocking Instagram Marketing

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Instagram now has more than 1 billion active monthly users.


Those billion users are looking for awesome new content. Why shouldn’t you be the one to give it to them?


Continue reading this article to find out how Tailwind can help you capitalize on these 1 billion activate Instagram users.


Is Tailwind a good Instagram marketing tool?


Pinterest Marketing Tool Tailwind Adds Instagram Marketing to Its Product Suite


I’ve been loving using Tailwind for my Pinterest marketing strategies, but now they’ve jumped in the Instagram game. It’s more than a scheduling tool for Instagram.


I’ve used another tool to help me auto-post on Instagram, but it didn’t exactly auto-post. It sent me a reminder. Lol, I didn’t want a reminder! I wanted it to do the work.


Tailwind for Instagram will auto-post for you as long as you make your Instagram account a business account. A business account is free and easy so no biggie there.


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Hashtag Love and Hate


Hashtags are very important when you want to get noticed by people outside of your following on Instagram. It is pretty common for people to follow hashtags on Instagram just like they do accounts.


Staying up with the latest trends in digital marketing will allow you to see what Instagram strategies are most effective.


One of the most annoying things ever is trying to find the right hashtags for the posts. The reason it is annoying is not only because it is frustrating to figure out which hashtags people are searching for but also because it is hard to figure out which hashtags don’t have too much competition for views.


Now there is an Instagram hashtag finder. This hashtag finder provides an amazing UX that saves you time and energy.


I’ve used it on my mobile and the desktop platform.


Both make it really easy to find the hashtags that are best for the pic you’re scheduling.


You also get a counter that makes sure you don’t go over the max of 30 hashtags. ;-D


instagram hashtag finder for tailwind


Check out this short video I did for you. 🙂



Instagram is a goldmine for bloggers and business owners, but it has been a constant pain for me because of the scheduling and finding hashtags.


In comes Tailwind hashtag finder to save the day. ;0)


I’m only getting into the basics on this part of the tool and creating content for all of the postings I am going to be doing so lookout for an updated posted with huge results. lol


<<There are affiliate links below. If you make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no extra cost for you. I never promote products I don’t really believe in. Read disclaimer.>>


What I Would Recommend


If you aren’t posting on Instagram yet – get an account! There is a free trial of Tailwind so you can try it out so – get the free trial!


No credit card required



(Wondering about pricing? Click here to read my article about pricing for Tailwind.)


I started with a free trial, and now I use the Pinterest scheduling tool both interval scheduling, the Smartloop and queue. I’ve done a little on the Instagram side of things but nothing close to what I know I am going to do.


Look out! lol


Click Here to See Exactly How Tailwind Can Boost Your Instagram Marketing Strategies – FREE TRIAL


See you over on Instagram. I’m @JessicaLaurenVine




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