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Stuff That Helps Me

Here are some things that I use that helps me with my online marketing and life in general.

Notice: Some of these are affiliate links and I will make a bit of cashola for telling you about it if you buy, but at no additional cost to you. Thanks for showing you love the blog. 😀

Email Marketing

GetResponse is a great email marketing software that allows you to capture emails, deliver giveaways, create autoresponders, broadcast emails and more. The money is in the list so you definitely want to have your email marketing set up. Read my full review of GetResponse here.

Hosting for Your Website/Blog

I started using Hostgator for my first blog, many years ago. I decided to go with a couple of other hosts and none of them stacked up. They either worked great and cost a lot of money or worked horrible and didn’t cost much. Now I’m back at HostGator and they’ve gotten even better than before. Happy with my services there.

Your website is going to need a theme. While you can get some free themes, the paid ones usually operate a little better and you can use them across all the websites that you create.

I use PicMonkey to create all of my pics. I could never get into Canva. From Pinterest graphics, feature images for my blog, quote graphics and more, Picmonkey is a-mazing.

SocialJukeBox has been one of my secret weapons for being epic on Twitter. If you go to my twitter feed, you will see it looks like I live on Twitter… I don’t. AND I don’t take hours per day, week or month scheduling posts. Check it out and get your free trial.