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How to Write Your First Blog Post (Easy to Understand Guide)

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You need to learn how to write your first blog post ASAP.


I firmly believe that having a blog can change your life. With over 400 million blogs on Tumblr alone, it seems there are a few other people that agree with me.


Not only can having a blog gives you a way to get your ideas out to the world but having a blog can allow you to influence others and to make a side income. Or even full-time income.


If you’re still stuck, continue reading this article and I’ll walk you through writing your first blog post.


How to Write Your First Blog Post – 101


Writing your first blog post can be a little daunting. You might not be sure what to say or even what you want to write about. The following tips will help you get started on the right path.


Remember you can always erase and start over again, so don’t stress.


Ask yourself these questions before you get started:


Why am I blogging?


Who do I want to serve with this blog?


When you answer these questions honestly, writing your first blog post is going to be a lot easier.


If you’re writing this blog to sell a product or service, you’ll write much differently than if you are a lifestyle blogger.


You’ll also write differently if you want to serve Moms of multiple kids that want to learn how to relax than if you are serving single men that need to find a new wife.


Once you answer these two questions and you’ve learned how to start a blog, you’re ready to get into the below steps for writing your first blog post.


1.  Get Your “Idea” Ready


Some people will tell you that you should write about yourself in your first blog post. If the blog is about you and your lifestyle then this could be a good move.


On the other hand, if your blog is about a topic other than you or your lifestyle then your blog post should be on that topic.


You might not want to write a monster of a long post when you do your first post since your main goal may just be to get started. If you can write a longer and more in-depth post to get things rolling that would be ideal.


Your idea should be something you want to be known for. For instance, I believe that everyone should have a blog. Since that is true, one of my biggest blog posts is about starting your own blog. I’m also a digital nomad and want people to have the opportunity to experience this life so I also have a very long post about digital nomad jobs.


Figure out what your big idea is and then move on to step number 2.


2. Write Your Blog Post Outline


If you hate writing outlines as much as I do, just post your main ideas down as neatly as possible. I usually put my top three headers down in my blog. If I have a specific number of points then I go ahead and put those points down.


When you get the bones of your post together it is easier to believe that it will actually come together.


3. Keep SEO in Mind


As you’re writing, you need to keep SEO in mind. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Even if you aren’t thinking about where you rank in the search engines right now, you should keep it in mind as you’re writing.


For instance, in this post, I would like to show up for terms like how to write your first blog post or writing your first blog post.


You can see more about search engine optimization and how to rank in the search engines in my other articles.


4. Put the Meat on the Bones


Once you have the bones of your blog post done, it is time to put some meat on those bones. You can do this by expanding upon your ideas. You can use stories and case studies to drive your points home.


Make sure to cite sources for any stats that you use or any information that isn’t widely known.


5. Proof Read


It is very tempting to hit the publish button after you’ve finished your blog post. You know that you did a good job on your post, so why proofread?


While it may seem like your article is error free when you write it, it’s still best to check. Typos can be embarrassing and I make a mistake almost every time that I write a blog post. I do type at 90+ WPM though. haha


<<Some links may be affiliate links which means I could make a small commission to support the blog if you purchase. I only promote things that I use and believe in. Read full disclosure here.>>


One of the tools that I use that really helps me is Grammarly. There is a free option but if you need the extras, you can upgrade to premium. Basically, if I make any grammar errors or other oopsies in my content, it will let me know.


I use this before I do my proofreading so that it catches as much as possible.


6. Don’t Forget Formatting


You can either format your posts before or after you get done writing. I like to format my posts while I am writing. It just makes me feel more accomplished.


Make sure you use Header 2 and Header 3s in your content. Header 1 is already the title so you don’t want to use any more header ones. Header 3s should only be used within Header 2s.


Add photos, graphs, charts and anything else in the content before you hit publish.


7. Promote Like a Mad Woman


If no one sees your blog post, it’s not going to do you or them any good. Promote your post on social media using tools like Tailwind, guest post on other sites that have similar target audiences.


Just get out there!


Ready to Rock Your Blogging Career


Congrats. You now know how to write your first blog post. Once you learn how to blog and start to bring money in, you can go off and be a digital nomad if you like.


Blogging can be both fulfilling and lucrative if you learn how to do it properly. How lucrative can it be? Check out the post that I did about lifestyle blogger income.


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