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How to Grow Your Pinterest Following Organically

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Learning how to grow your Pinterest following organically should be on your radar, but don’t freak out too much.


While Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks, with over 200 million active monthly users worldwide you don’t need a lot of followers to start seeing success with Pinterest.


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Content from Pinterest reaches the world quickly and spreads like wildfire across other social networks. With many users reporting purchasing products because they saw them pinned on the site, it is important to have a sound growth strategy for your Pinterest page. If you want to know how to grow your Pinterest following organically, we have some tips for you.


How to Grow Your Pinterest Following Organically – Create a Strong Profile


You will need to have a strong, distinctive look and feel for your Pinterest profile in order to gain followers. Think about your personality and what you are trying to accomplish.


Establish a theme for your profile and keep that in mind with all of your pins and as you create new boards. Having a consistent theme across your Pinterest profile will draw in more followers and encourage them to stay longer and make return visits.


Get Inspiration from Popular Pins


There’s nothing wrong with utilizing a little bit of outside help, and fortunately, there’s plenty you can find without ever leaving Pinterest! Take a look at some of the trending or most popular Pins and determine what you like or dislike about them. Search within your industry or community to get an idea of what people are interested in viewing.


Draw inspiration from these ideas to come up with some of your own. Don’t copy content from other Pinners, but feel free to use them as encouragement. If you copy another Pinner, not only is that wrong, but you aren’t going to get the results that you want.


Takeaway: Get inspired but never rip off content


Pay Attention to Your Current Followers


If you notice that certain Pins are performing better than others, pay close attention to them. This is your followers telling you that these are the prized gems of your account, and that they’d like to see more things like them. If your current followers like something more another, it is more likely that new followers will feel the same.


You can look at the topics that you have covered and go more in depth with the topic, cover a different area of the topic and much more. The content possibilities are endless.


Follow Other Popular Pinners


When you follow other Pinners and share their posts, you are giving yourself the opportunity to gain more exposure. You can encourage your followers to view high-quality material which allows you to engage with them naturally and beneficially.


Make sure that you follow them strategically and that their posts are relevant to your account so as to not turn away followers who feel like they aren’t getting valuable content from you.


Remember that you don’t want everyone to follow you. You only want the right people to follow you. If everyone follows you, but they are not interested in what you are posting, you are going to deal with low engagement rates which could hurt your profile’s overall rating.


Use Relevant Keywords


One of the best ways to draw in new traffic is to make sure that your Pins show up on popular search engines and even within the Pinterest smart feed itself.


There’s no better way to do this than to use the right keywords that will engage your audience. Look to other popular Pinners to see what types of keywords they use in their descriptions. This can give you a good idea of what words and terms are more likely to get clicks. Use keywords in both your Pin titles and in the longer descriptions.


You can go to the smart feed, type in the topic you are interested in and see what related words come up. You can use these as your keywords.


Taking the time to learn how to grow your Pinterest following organically can pay off in the long run if you are strategic. Don’t lose heart. It can take time to be successful on Pinterest.


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