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Instagram Removing Likes? Learn Why and What Influencers Can Do Now

Instagram Removing Likes? Learn Why and What Influencers Can Do Now

I’ve been reading about Instagram removing likes.


With it’s 1 billion monthly active users, this has been causing quite the ruckus and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet either!


I decided to do some more research and see why Instagram is getting rid of likes. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I noticed that I use Instagram likes to figure out if I want to follow certain people — if they are popular then their content must be good — right?


Truthfully, this isn’t always the case but a lot of times, it is. I am still a little bummed over that. Enough about that though, let’s get into it. Continue reading to learn what’s going on with Instagram and what you can do about it.


Getting Into the Why of Instagram Removing Likes


I searched a little deeper and I saw that Instagram was claiming Instagram removing likes was because they wanted to help mental health.


Uh, what?


In Instagram’s tweet, they tell us that they want us to focus on the photos and videos we share vs. how many likes they are getting.  Since we can still see our own likes, does this tweet make that much sense?


Instagram tweet about removing likes


When I think about Instagram and mental health, they really don’t go together. Truthfully, I do think going on Instagram can either be really depressing or really inspiring. It’s all about who you follow and why you’re following them.


Perhaps Instagram is trying to recover from being ranked as worst for young people’s mental health in 2017. And of course, things have only escalated since then with even more people using Instagram.


Here are the top problems reported on the mental health survey in 2017. Maybe you’ve experienced some of these issues when using social media but didn’t even notice the connection.



I honestly find myself looking at the number of likes on my posts on Instagram, Facebook, this blog and more and if they aren’t high it does put a kink in my day sometimes.


I’m not saying it’s a non-issue. I’m just not so sold on the fact that Instagram wants to help us improve our mental health by hiding likes. They’re a business, right?


How is this benefiting their bottom line?


No Likes = No Influencers?


If people can’t see how many likes people have on Instagram, how is this going to work for Instagram influencers? I’m not even that big of an influencer and I’m pretty curious about how this is going to play out.


With people spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on influencer marketing on Instagram, this is no doubt hurting the amount of money they could be making off these companies with ads.


Influencer marketing is oftentimes less expensive than using ads and companies know that followers are more likely to take action when something is recommended by an influencer vs. being recommended by an ad.


influencer marketing behind instagram removing likes



As you can see in this chart above,  there are a lot of factors that go into how much an Instagram influencer gets paid but Instagram doesn’t want any of its money going to anyone other than itself.


I mean, this makes sense. They are doing the work of keeping the site up, so why wouldn’t they want to make all of the money?


Just because it makes sense, that doesn’t mean removing the likes is for our mental health. I never trust a company to sacrifice profits for the sake of its customers. Not happening.


If you spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best times to post on Instagram, how to get more likes on Instagram and how to grow your following, you might be freaking out a little bit.


I always recommend that you diversify. No matter what platform is showing you all the love right now, you should at least be building your following on a couple of other platforms. You never know when a major update like this is going to put a kink in your plans.


What Do You Do As an Instagram Influencer?


If you’re an Instagram influencer and you want to stay on top during this major change, what do you do?


Well, while Instagram removing likes is supposed to help our mental health, the focus on likes it just going to shift to the focus on getting comments.


Travel vlogger @heynadine tells Business Insider that comments will become the new likes and she’s right.


With almost 100k followers, she is going to be reading A LOT of comments.


travel influencer weighs in on instagram getting rid of likes


Focus on Quality Engaging Content Because of Instagram Removing Likes


When you want to win at the Instagram game, no matter if it’s going for likes, comments or some other metrics that may become important in the future, you have to focus focus focus on creating quality and engaging content.


Now you might need to tweak the content to be content that people want to comment on.


I am a little nervous to see what this is going to inspire on Instagram. I am thinking of more controversial posts, risque posts, gossip, etc. becoming the norm. As for the travel vloggers, maybe more daring adventures that make people say “OMG! I can’t believe you did that!”


Look out Instagram, you might not have helped our mental health at all. Facepalm!


Ask for Comments


Many of us don’t even think to ask for comments on our Instagram post. People will comment if they want to comment, right?


Not necessarily. People might not want to bug you or they might not want to take the extra time to drop a comment unless they know you actually value them.


When you ask for comments, give people a reason to comment other than the fact that you want them to. Maybe they will be entered into a drawing or perhaps, you just say that you’re going to reply to them. It doesn’t have to be something major.


What are your thoughts?


Did you even notice? Or do you even care about the Instagram removing likes update?


Drop a comment and let me know. I always reply to everyone, so comment away. I <3 them. Hint: Comments are good for your blog too!


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