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What Does the SEO Term UX Mean?

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What does the SEO term UX mean?

Don’t you just hate it when new SEO terms pop up and you feel even more clueless?

Whether you are a newbie to internet marketing or a 20+ year veteran, you’re going to have to deal with new terms as they pop up, but I promise to keep you up to date.

Now I’ll answer your question “What does the seo term UX mean?” and what UX terms in terms of SEO and how you can approach UX to get the best results with your SEO using this important SEO factor.

UX stands for user experience.

How is user experience measured?

Google doesn’t reveal all, but one of the ways they can tell how much someone likes a website is how long they spend on the website.

If someone goes to your website and clicks away quickly, that tells Google that your website content was not the solution to the problem they had.

What do they do with that information?

If they keep seeing this result over and over, they are going to determine your search result should not rank well for that term.

On the other hand, if your user experience looks great and people spend a lot of time on your site, that means your site should go higher in the search results.

Many people believe that user signals are going to become more and more important in SEO.

Truthfully, whether it is important in SEO or not, we should all be working to provide a better user experience.

  • Builds trust
  • Builds lists
  • Builds Conversions
  • $$$ 😉

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