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Social JukeBox Review – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Page Auto-posting

socialjukebox home page

Most small businesses spend around 20 hours a week on their marketing.


What if you could take a big chunk of the mundane – BORRRRING tasks off your plate?


Continue reading through this Social JukeBox review to see what it can do for you and your business.


Social JukeBox Review – What You Should Know Before You Get Started


When you learn how to start a blog for profit, you’re all excited – YAY! But do you have a plan?


Not just a plan for what you are going to write, but a plan for how you are going to promote your content. It’s great that you’re blogging and avoiding common blogging mistakes like missing out on writing posts consistently, but now what?


You may have the best intentions to continue promoting your older blog content, but you’re going to forget. You’re going to forget about your old content just like your audience will.




Most small businesses spend around 20 hours a week on their marketing. @jessicalvineClick To Tweet


My solution? My solution has been finding tools that help me stay consistent while still having a life. Forget all of this living on social media bull hockey sticks. I have a husband, a billion kids and a life to live. Lol Feel the same?


Ok. So, here’s the deal.


You’re going to keep creating amazing content, but you don’t have to create content every day. Unless you just want to. Whatever.


If you don’t want to create content every day, but you instead want to use some of the amazing content you’ve already created – follow along.




Using Social JukeBox to Auto-post


You guys have already read that I use Tailwind for my Pinterest marketing strategies, but Tailwind doesn’t have a solution for Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – yet. lol


I’ve been using Social JukeBox since it was Tweet JukeBox and only supported Twitter. It has served me very well. You can see what I mean in the below screenshot.


twitter stats screenshot


Thanks to everyone that engaged with me. Follow me 🙂 I really love every minute of it and could get lost on Twitter for hours upon hours. lol I don’t have though unless I want to because of Social JukeBox and its awesome auto-posting skills. lol


Now, there are plenty of auto-posters out there, but what I love about Social JukeBox is that you can put your best content into “jukeboxes,” set your schedule like how often you want to post for each jukebox and it will recycle the content.


If you don’t have a lot of content, this isn’t a good investment for you right now. Get to work creating content. lol If you do have a lot of great content, this will totally change your life, and you will thank me. You will thank me a lot. hahah


I’ll show you a little behind the scenes below:


my socialjukebox jukebox


Here you can see my jukeboxes. I keep adding more content all of the time and you should too. You should also go back through and delete posts that you don’t want to send out any more.


For Twitter, you can be pretty darn aggressive. I post maybe every 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure, but it is a lot. Just beware that if you have more than one jukebox going, they are ALL posting to your account. Don’t go too crazy.


inside my socialjukebox jukebox


Here you can see what it looks like inside my Social Jukebox jukebox for my blog posts. See where the top one was created 5/15/18? And it last posted on 12/02/2018? Every time it posts, I get traffic, people heart and retweet on Twitter.


I just started using the features for LinkedIn and Facebook, but you want to go MUCH less on these platforms. Only jukebox them maybe 1-2 times per day.


socialjukebox sidebar


Here you can see the sidebar for SocialJukeBox. I haven’t even touched anything besides for switching accounts and jukeboxes. Don’t get overwhelmed with any of the extra options.


Here is the pricing on the accounts. I just have the lowest account, and it’s been doing just fine for me.


socialjukebox pricing



The good news is that there is a free trial available for Social Jukebox.  I started out on a free trial years ago and got addicted. haha I would go for the year subscription to get the discount because you’re definitely going to be using it a year from now.


What do you think the feature that would most help you is?


Let me know in the comments. 🙂



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