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103 Top Digital Nomad Jobs for Free Spirits

Hello, fellow free spirit! I see you’re looking for the top digital nomad jobs. Well, get excited because I am giving you a full list of jobs you can do while you’re traveling as a digital nomad.


I hope that you enjoy them and feel free to share this with a friend that might find it helpful. 🙂


Ok. Enough of that – let’s get into it. Keep reading and find the perfect job for your digital nomad lifestyle.



Digital Nomad Jobs to Rock Your World

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You’ve got all of these big dreams to travel but you don’t have the big budget so a job it is. Here are some top jobs that can make your dream a reality. Enjoy!


1. Webmaster


Who wouldn’t want to be a master of the web? A webmaster manages all aspects of a website.


If you’re getting paid to do this then it’s likely a small business that is paying you to do this. There are plenty of businesses you can start with but why not start in your own backyard?


Talk to some local business owners before you take off on your traveling quest and see if they’d like you to take care of their website so they have one less thing on their plates.


2. Graphic Designer


Graphic design takes a certain type of creative person. Not everyone can see how to put things together so you need to be the type that can see what others can’t.


You might work as a graphic designer for a firm or you might work directly with clients.


3. Web Developer


Web developers are not the same as graphic designers or website designers. Web developers know how to code and often work for big companies making sure everything goes well in the background.


4. Affiliate Marketer


How would you like to get paid to sell other people’s stuff? Well, that is exactly what an affiliate marketer does.


You find an affiliate program of a product you want to promote. The program gives you a unique link or a code to track the sales you bring in and you get the agreed-upon percentage.


You may drive traffic to offers through various methods such as SEO, social media or paid advertising. Some affiliate programs have rules about the methods you’re allowed to use to promote their offers.


Wondering if the affiliate marketing front is still a good decision? When you look at the over 2 billion people on social media alone — you tell me? Do you think you could sell a thing or two?


5. Animator


Who doesn’t love a good GIF? Whether you’re creating GIFs or animating for a business that wants to demonstrate their product – you can do it from anywhere.


6. Voice-over Actor


All of those radio ads and many other things need a voice-over artist. As long as you can produce great quality audio as requested, you can be a voice-over artist.


7. Transcriptionist


No one has time to do their own transcription but if you’re on the beach sipping cocktails, why not make a few bucks while you’re there? Who knows – the audio might be interesting and you could learn something new.


8. Author


Want to become a famous author? You can do this no matter where you are in the world. You may also choose to author a book under a pen name if you don’t want to become famous.


9. Editor


Author not in the cards? How about editing authors’ work? You can do this from anywhere in the world since many writers never meet their editors even if they work in the publisher’s building.


10. UX / UI Designer


User experience is everything. Designers are one thing and UX designers are another. This position is only recently becoming widely available but it’s going to continue to grow.


11. App Developer


Apps are hotter than ever and they aren’t going away. Finding talented app developers is a must and it doesn’t matter where you’re located while you’re working on it. You need to have a good internet connection at some point.


12. Quality Control


There are plenty of quality control positions you can work remotely as you’re traveling the world. If you’re a detailed oriented person, you might be a great fit for QC.

13. Usability Testing


Whether it is app testing or testing website or other online property – companies want you to test how easy it is to use.


Many companies don’t care how techy you are since they want to see how average people will use their app.

14. Live Chat Support


If you are live chat support, you’ll need to learn the system the company you’re working for is using. There is often going to be set hours where you’ll need to be available.


15. Email Support


Email support can be simpler than live chat support because you can take some time to figure out your answers.

16. Customer Service by Phone


If you are going to work as customer service by phone, you may need to have a little longer stint in each area that you travel to. You always need to be able to get great phone service where you are as well.

17. Virtual Assistant


Many people need virtual assistants to take care of online tasks. Whether that is organizing, creating or just being there to answer their emails – virtual assistants are lifesavers.

18. Social Media Manager


Many small businesses can’t keep up with their social media. You can come in to save the day. Often you can use scheduling tools that will make it easy for you to put in a small amount of work and still get paid well.


19. Research Assistant


Research. Many people hate to do it. If you are good at researching, plenty of people will pay you to find the information for them.

20. Data Entry


Data entry is a simple job you can usually do at your own pace. You’re entering data just as the name suggests.

21. Recruiter


Are you good at finding people to do various jobs? You may have the making of a great recruiter.


Many recruiters focus on a specific industry so they can continue to build connections and help people as much as possible.


22. Link Building Outreach


Every website wants to have a great backlink portfolio and one of the ways to do this is by getting links through outreach activities. People are trying to promote their blog in ethical ways and link building outreach is a great way to do it.


If you get a good system in place, you will have clients just waiting for your help.

23. Project Manager


Are you good at management? Managing projects is likely to take a little more effort and the ability to be hands on but you can still perform the job remotely.

24. Technical Writer


Do you pay attention to detail? Are you good at unearthing information and displaying it in a manner that makes it easier for people to understand? You might be a great fit for technical writing.

25. UX Writer


UX writers write in a way that makes the user experience a good one. UX writing can be difficult because you have to understand the person reading and break things down in a way that is going to help them most.

26. Salesletter Writer


If you want to get paid the big bucks for writing then learn how to write sales letters. Sales letters are the money makers for many businesses. A single sales letter can be responsible for millions of dollars in sales.


Work a deal so that you don’t only get paid for the initial sales letter. Negotiate and try to get paid royalties as well.


27. Product Description Writer


You can write some simple yet descriptive text and get paid decently for it. You’ll need to think of ways to make a product sound sexy even if it’s not.

28. Blog Writer


Getting paid to write other people’s blogs can be fun and challenging. When you write other people’s blogs, you need to make sure that you are embodying their voice. If you write a blog post that doesn’t sound like them their audience isn’t going to receive it well.

29. Copywriter


A copywriter is someone that has learned how to put words together in a way that makes people act. There are very few truly amazing copywriters. Copywriters usually get paid much more than a writer so if you have the skills, make sure you use this term instead of purely saying you’re a writer.


30. Resume Writer


Do you know how to showcase people’s best on a resume? You may just be a resume writer. You’ll need to take things from people’s past and attempt to make them a win even when it doesn’t seem like a win.

31. Ghost Writer


People may want to write a book, article or another piece of content – problem? They can’t write worth anything. That’s where you can come in and save the day.


You won’t get any credit for this content but you do get paid.

32. Proofreader


If you’re good at finding errors with other people’s work then proofreading could be a good option for you. You will likely spend hours just staring at the computer screen and this may drive you nuts so make sure you have a way to break it up.


33. Translator


Are you good at translation? You can translate text, audio or what people are saying live. Being able to translate isn’t about being able to put something over word for word like Google Translate.


When you’re a translator, you need to be able to get the message across from one language to the other.


34. Interpreter


Much like a translator, as an interpreter, you need to get the message across. When you’re working as an interpreter, you’ll need to be quick. You can’t have to take time out to figure things out because you’re in real time.

35. Online Notary


If you’re an online notary you will have to get certified. You can’t just decide to be a notary and there are some upfront costs to get started.

36. Captioning


More videos need captions. Not only do people that are hearing impaired show gratitude for captions but videos need captions because 85% of Facebook video is watched without video. The same goes for many other video viewing platforms.

37. Online Community Manager


Almost every company understands the importance of creating a community and culture. Since there are many communities, that means there needs to be someone there to take care of them.


Imagine being able to get paid to work from anywhere creating an amazing community and culture for the company of your choice.


38. Podcaster


Podcasting can be a very well paying job. You can get paid to run ads on your podcast by getting sponsors or you can use affiliate marketing to get paid as a podcaster.

39. Blogger


Blogging can be a lucrative job but there are many people that aren’t making money on their blogs. You might want to get your blog up and running before you take off on your digital nomad lifestyle.

40. Vlogger


Vlogging is like blogging but with video. There are plenty of people on YouTube making money off sharing their travels and this could be a good side or solo income while you’re on the road.

41. Online Course Creator


Do you have specialized knowledge that you can share with people? It is likely that you have plenty of information you can put together in the form of a course that people can buy and download online.


42. Virtual Tutor or Teacher


There are plenty of parents looking for great tutors or teachers for their kids. You can offer your services through various tutor and teacher websites.


43. Physical Product Sales


You can find a job that allows you to sell physical products for their company.


44. Digital Product Sales


Selling digital products for companies is even more lucrative because they are often able to give you higher commissions when you make a sale.


45. Product Flipper


Plenty of people are flipping products. They might buy them from a local store and then sell them online for more than they paid for them.

If you get some good finds, you can make some good cash.


46. Dropshipper


Dropshipping allows you to find products to promote and have them shipped for you. You don’t have to touch the products or deal with any of the customer service which makes it a pretty nice business model.


47. Telemarketer


If you’re good on the phone, there are companies that want to hire you. Telemarketing is still a thing and if you’re willing to do it – companies are willing to pay.


48. Financial Planner


Helping people with their finances is a sensitive topic but not everyone wants to meet in person. There are financial planning jobs available so you can keep your nomad life and still make money through financial planning.


49. Accountant


With electronic filing, scanning, virtual document signing and the ability to do almost everything online, you can take your accountant job on the road.


50. Marketing Manager


If you’re a stellar marketer, the company you work from isn’t going to care where you do your work from. You’ll need to learn tools like Slack and Asana so you’ll be able to manage your team easily through the internet.


51. Photographer


You can schedule your photoshoots around the different places you’ll be traveling. You can also get some pretty awesome photos for your Instagram. 😉


52. Videographer


People need video and being a videographer can be a lucrative job. You can find businesses or people with special events that would love to hire a talented videographer.


53. Video Editor


Editing video takes time and talent. You have to have an eye for it so that the video flows and speaks to the person that is watching it.


54. Medical Coder


Medical coders work with hospitals to make sure the insurance companies are billed.


55. Survey Taker


Taking surveys might not be a full-time job but you can earn a few extra bucks here and there just for telling people what you think.



56. Travel Agent


Travel and get paid for it? Travel vloggers aren’t the only people that get paid to travel. Travel agents get to go on a lot of great trips and help other people do the same.


57. Interior Designer


You can travel around the world helping your elite clients with their interior design projects. What fun!


58. Consultant


You can consult in just about anything. What are you currently doing for what? Consult in that if you’d like.


59. Product Tester


Do you enjoy testing new products? You can get paid to be in beta testing groups so companies don’t waste their money producing products no one likes.


60. Director of Provider Networks & Development


Working in healthcare as a director can be a remote position as well. Nomad it up while you’re developing the provider network.


61. Deployment Engineer (Technology)


Help safely deploy various technologies and processes from the beach or wherever you choose.


62. Security Operations Analyst


If a security problem happens – you’ve gotta be there to figure out what happened. And by be there, I mean be there virtually.


63. Loan Underwriter


No one needs to meet the loan underwriter. You can do your job from anywhere in the world. You just need to be accessible during regular business hours so people can get their approval (or not) quickly.


64. Software Engineer


You can work as a software engineer without internet access until you need to upload. When that happens you need to have a really good connection that lasts for a long period of time.


65. Hiring Team Member


Do you like helping people get the job? If you’re a hiring team member, you will get to help people get the job – but you’ll also have to be ready to let some people down easy.


66. Clinical Reviewer


Clinical reviewers have to be detail oriented. You’ll be reviewing and auditing medical records to make sure everything is complete and accurate.


67.  Office Manager


You can manage an office from afar. You may need to video conference from time to time.


68. Executive Assistant


As an executive assistant, the job is much like a secretary. You’ll need to take phone calls, send memos and do other important things that help your employer.


69. Senior Legal Editor


This is a special editing position and you need to understand legal jargon. If you don’t get it right – it could mean major problems.


70. Inside Sales


You can do inside sales through the internet or on the phone. Your task is to help current customers find what they need and help match them with any other services or products you might have to offer them.


71. Claims Adjuster


Adjusters look at property or personal injury claims to see how much compensation is due. You can find some jobs that will allow you to travel to various areas to complete tasks.


72. Business Analyst


As a business analyst, you’ll be able to help businesses figure out how to move forward. Helping see where business systems are working and where they are not.


73. Data Scientist


As a data scientist, you will be able to tell what the data means. You’ll use statistics and machine learning but you’ll also have to use your human abilities.


74. Database Engineer


As a database engineer you’ll most likely work with computer companies managing complex databases.


75. B2B Lead Generator


If you want to make some good cash – help B2B companies generate leads. B2B sales are often larger than what B2C companies make.

Companies don’t care how you’re generating the leads – they just want them.


76. Sales Funnel Builder


If your business is selling something without a sales funnel – no good. Sales funnels help automatically walk potential customers through the sales process.


Building funnels is no easy task and companies are willing to pay you a pretty penny for doing it for them.


77. WordPress Engineer


As a WordPress engineer uses best practices to get results for clients out of the WordPress platform.


78. Job Search Expert


When people are at the end of their rope and can’t find the perfect job – that’s when you come into the picture. Help people find that dream job that they are looking for.


79. Insurance Broker


Insurance brokers help others understand insurance and risk management. You can help your clients from anywhere in the world.


80. Human Resources Manager


Managing human resources can be a lot of work. If you’re working with a smaller company, it won’t be as much work.

You do need to manage the administrative functions of the company so make sure you’re up for the challenge even when you’re living the nomad life.


81. Visual Experience Designer


When you’re a visual experience designer, you need think about every element of what a website visitor is going to see. This job branches off out of UI and graphic design.


82. IT Security Engineer


Your job is to protect the networks so make sure your internet is good enough no matter where you are in the world.


83. Account Manager


Managing accounts for customers don’t always have to be a big deal. If you get some dream customers you can take care of them quickly and be on your way to your next destination.


Since there are video conferencing and crisp clear phone lines, you can build relationships over the phone as an account manager.


84. Account Executive


If you’re an account executive, you don’t have to be as hands-on as an account manager but you still need to make sure you know what’s going on.


85. Product Designer


Designing products takes a creative person. You will design not only how the product looks but also how the product works.


86. Content Analyst


As a content analyst, you may work for any number of companies such as print media or advertising. You’ll be interpreting the data that you find.


87. Email Marketer


Email marketing has a median ROI of 122%. If you can write great emails and send them in an effective way, companies will hire you to set up their autoresponders and other email content.


88. Director of Marketing


If you’re a marketing boss, you can get a remote job working as a director of marketing.


89. Script Writer


Scriptwriting isn’t only for movies anymore. Scriptwriting can be for commercials or even short videos.


90. Script Editor


If you would rather edit scripts than write scripts then you can find writers that would like you to help them turn in stellar scripts. Companies may also hire editors to help with scripts as well.


91. TeleTherapist


Many people now opt to work with therapists on the phone. Since you can talk to your patients on the phone – it doesn’t matter where you are!


92. Text Therapist


Text therapy is another level of freedom. You don’t even have to speak to patients live but instead you text them through their challenges.


93. Could Outreach Specialist


Are you good at creating rapport during cold interactions? You can be a cold outreach specialist on the phone or through emails, etc.


94. E-Commerce Manager


E-Commerce is booming. 1.92 billion people will buy something online during 2019. Those sites need someone to manage them and that person can be YOU.


95. Affiliate Marketing Manager


Affiliate marketing is booming and someone has to take care of those affiliates. As an affiliate marketing manager, you will help affiliates do their best at selling the products and services in the network.


96. PPC Strategist


When people aren’t sure how to operate their PPC campaign – you’re the go-to person. Help them figure out keywords, how much money to spend each day and more.


97. Private Investigator


Want to get some excitement in your life? Become a private investigator. When you get really good clients may send you on trips to investigate for them.


Nomadic and exciting!


98. Database Administrator


As a database administrator, you will store and organize data. You can do this remotely as long as you have a good computer and a secure internet connection.


99. Architect


Being an architect is more exciting now than ever. With all of the programs available to help you display and present your amazing designs, the sky is the limit. You can design and send your designs from anywhere in the world.


100. Data Miner & Manager


As a data miner, you turn raw data into information the company can use. If you work your way to manager, you will be managing the other people that do data mining.


101. Artist / Illustrator


If you’re a great artist, you can create illustrations for books, manuals and more.


102. Brand Identity Strategist


Not everyone understands how to build their brand identity. When you can show someone how to piece all of the parts together in order to gain trust and build their audience – you’re going to be the go-to strategist.


103. Grant Writer


Do you want to help organizations get the money they need for various projects? As a grant writer, you’ll be able to help the companies of your choice. Many grant writers work for non-profits and charitable organizations.


Easiest Way to Find These Jobs


One of the easiest ways to find these jobs is going to sites like Indeed and typing in the job title and then typing remote in where it says location.


Happy hunting and see you on the road. B-)


Jobs from Indeed

Ready to Start Your Digital Nomad Jobs Lifestyle?


Now that you have this massive list of digital nomad jobs, you can start rocking your new lifestyle! If you want some more reading on the topic go ahead and hop over to my blog post about how to become a digital nomad.


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