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Are Professional Blog Writers Worth The Cold Hard Cash?

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Professional copywriters get paid around $69,000 a year when working in corporate. If you’re thinking about hiring someone to write your blog, that number can be pretty scary.


Those of you that have blogs may have thought about hiring professional blog writers. If you’ve priced professional blog writers, you may have found they can be a little on the pricey end.


If you are bootstrapping your business, you might not be sure if paying for writing services is the best use of your money when you want to get more traffic to your blog.


If content marketing is a part of your marketing strategy then having professional content is important. Let’s look at three reasons professional blog writers are worth the money.


1. Frees Up Your Time


As a business owner, your time is very limited, and when you do have time, you want to focus on building your business. Hiring someone else to do your writing can free up the time you would have to use to write. Instead, you can do something else that needs your attention.


2. On Time Blog Posts


When you have professional blog writers submitting work to your blog, you will be able to ensure your blog posts come out on time. Professionals understand the importance of a deadline as well as the importance of quality work.


Having a regular schedule for your blog posts is important. People get used to seeing your content and begin to integrate your content into their routines.


3. Easy to Read & Quality Content


People have many options when it comes to content online. When you have professionals writing your blog content, you can be sure it is easy to read and that the quality of the content is top notch. Having great content means people are going to stay on your site longer and form a deeper bond with you and your brand.


Content is the backbone of your website. If you want to rank on the search engines, you have to have high-quality content of your website. Google has many different factors in its algorithm, but they always note high-quality content as one of them.


Have you hired writers in the past or thought about it? Share your experience in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.



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