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How to Market Your Business With a Blog

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Despite privacy concerns with social media, marketers are still funneling cash into their social media digital marketing strategies.


The reason marketers that are in the know keep spending their money on digital marketing is because – it works! Not only does it work, but many companies are still too afraid to dip their toe in the water.


What does this mean for the marketers that are online and killing it?


It means less competition and more winning for those marketers and business that do take the leap to the online world.


Continue reading this article to learn the best marketing tips for your business using a blog.


How to Market Your Business With a Blog


Learning online marketing is one of the most difficult things a small business owner can do. It can be frustrating and seem less than rewarding when you’re getting started.


What Should You Blog About?


When you start thinking about putting together a blog for your business, it is easy to write down five ideas.


But then what?


What do you do when you write about all of those five ideas? Even if you find a couple of different angles to write about those ideas – you’ve only got ten blog posts.


Then you’re dead in the water.


Here’s the good news.


You don’t have to ONLY write about what you do.


Your goal is to write interesting and helpful content for people that may be interested in your product or service. This is why it is important that you know who your ideal customer is. If you’re not writing content that serves your ideal customer, you won’t attract the right people and your sales will be low.


How Often Should You Blog?


When you’re thinking about how often you should blog, there is no one right answer.


Think about your goal with your blog.


Are you trying to get more traffic for SEO?


Are you trying to write a viral article and get more traffic from social media sharing?


If you want to rank for more SEO terms then you want to write more content. The more optimized content you have, the more chances there are to get found on Bing, Google, and other search engines.


If you’re trying to get a viral article, you might want to spend more time doing research on what goes viral and figuring out how to get influencers to share your content.


This is why it is important to know what your strategy is for online success with your blog.


How To Promote Your Blog Content


When you start blogging, you need to promote your content. If you don’t promote your content, no one will know about it.


You can share your blog post on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.  Tell your friends and family to check it out.


Have people interview you on podcasts or talk shows.


Any way you can get attention to your blog is a good way. Continue to do what is working and throw out strategies that aren’t getting you the attention that you want.


Continue Your Online Marketing Education


Don’t stop at learning how to market your business with a blog. Learn how to start a blog and do it right. Read our article about how to start a blog today.



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