Home Business 5 Simple Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Use Right Away

5 Simple Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Use Right Away

5 Simple Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Use Right Away

As small business owners, we wear all of the hats. Creating sales funnels, using inbound marketing strategies and more.


There are so many hats on our heads that it can be hard to find the one we are supposed to wear for small business marketing ideas.


Small Business Marketing Ideas for Today


Instead of stressing out and trying to reinvent the wheel, continue reading and use the following five ideas to get started.




If you want a low-cost marketing tactic that is straightforward and allows you to build a relationship with your potential customer then blogging is the way to go.


Blogging allows you to write about topics your audience cares about while showcasing your knowledge on the topic. Since you already know about the topic and are an expert, this makes it easier for you to write about the subject.


When blogging, it should be part of an overall strategy that will allow you to get people into your funnel. Simply having people come to read your blog is not enough.


You need to get people on your web. You might do this through having them opt-in to your email list through a content upgrade, pop-up, pop-over, etc.


Network on Social Media


When it comes to small business marketing ideas, this is as simple as it comes. Network with other business owners online. Other business owners understand how it is to do business and besides for that, they have more connections than most people.


You can also network with your potential customers online. Getting to know people that might want to do business with you will help you gain their trust. If you are selling high ticket items, you may only need a couple of sales to make your networking worth your while.




Infographics are a great way to get people’s attention. When you use infographics, you can convey your message easier and allow it to stick with people. Infographics are great for going viral, especially on platforms like Pinterest.


Check out the infographic I did for my 7 blogging mistakes article here.


Have a Customer Referral Program


Creating a customer referral program will allow you to have a pack of raving fans that are more than happy to share about your great service.


These customers will often already tell their friends about you, but having a rewards program shows your appreciation. A rewards program is always a great way to create customer loyalty and new customers.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the best ways to follow up with potential customers as well as buyers. You want to segment your lists so that you don’t send the same email to potential customers as you would to buyers. You want to tailor the emails that you send so that people are interested in what you have to say vs. being annoyed.


Which of these tips are you going to implement in your business? Share in the comments below.



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