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Is Tailwind Approved by Pinterest and Instagram?

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Are you wondering “Is Tailwind approved by Pinterest and Instagram?”


I don’t want my Pinterest or Instagram account to get shut down from using shady services and I am sure that you don’t either.


The good news is that Tailwind has direct APIs to both Instagram and Pinterest. Both Pinterest and Instagram approve the use of Tailwind.


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Isn’t that awesome?


That means you can enjoy all of the posting goodness you’ve been hoping for. lol


Get Your Tailwind Free Trial Now


If you aren’t sure if you want to get into your free trial of Tailwind yet, you can always check out my breakdown of what you get when you get the Tailwind free trial. 🙂 You can click here to read it.


Maybe you want to read the whole review of Pinterest for Tailwind and Instagram?


If so, you can read my Tailwind Review Here. or you can just check out the article that I did about Tailwind pricing.


I’ve been using Tailwind for a while now and I have never had any problem with it. No cease and desist from Pinterest or Instagram or warnings about too much usage. And I’ve scheduled as much as 300 pins in a day on Pinterest. bahaha


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