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5 Thoughts in Creating a Brand Identity Through Your Imagery


Your brand is definitely not just about one aspect like imagery, but it can certainly feel like it takes up a lot of your thoughts, especially when you are trying to target the right people. But as a visual identity becomes a crucial component of a business, we may wonder if there is a foolproof way to create something recognizable that is inherently linked with our brand. If you master your visual identity, you can create a cohesive and consistent theme throughout your business. From color schemes to tone, what does it take to create an identity through your imagery?


Discovering Your Identity 


You need to know what your goals are. When you consider your audience, or what sort of language they respond best to, as well as their needs and desires, this will help you to define how your brand matches up with them. If you do not have a company in place, or you are looking to get started, you can get an idea by looking at the audiences of your competitors. From there, you can start to form an idea of what it takes, but also, do not underestimate the input of experts. There are numerous design firms like Jupiter Design that work with brands to help them realize their vision. And why you might be chomping at the bit to get yourself up and running, this is the ideal opportunity to really think things through. 


Understanding the Elements of Your Identity 


If you want to create a visual identity, you have to understand the elements. Your logo is the place to begin. If you already have one, you may have to redesign it to fulfill your brand identity. When you are looking for the right place, such as on your promotional materials, you must remember that it has to be consistent. You should always put it in the same area of your images. In addition, you have to make sure you have alternative versions, so the brand can always be seen. For example, if your promotional materials are on the dark side, you will need a lighter logo. 


Look at Your Color Palette


Color psychology is crucial to understanding the types of colors that you will put on your branding. For example, purple evokes luxury or creativity, and green is used for eco-friendly brands. And when you start to look at the wide variety of ways you can communicate yourself using this color scheme, you can begin to create trust between the brand and your customers. 


The Style of Imagery 


This is going to link in with the type of products or services you provide. Again, this is where you can take inspiration from others who have already been there. A luxury brand will not use cartoon imagery unless it is something like Art Deco. But you’ve got to be very careful, as all of these images will inevitably coalesce into one key message. Consistency is crucial. If you mix and match your styles, you may confuse the intended recipient. 


Picturing Your Brand as a Person 


Finally, to humanize your content, think about your brand as if it was a person, and what they look like, and when you start to ask the key questions to personalize your brands, this can inspire you to reach out to customers in ways that will increase engagement.


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