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Step-by-Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without a Website

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I totally recommend that you learn how to start a blog. I obviously think blogging is a great way to grow your business and rock affiliate marketing. BUT if you simply can’t be bothered right now — it’s okay if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website and it’s totally doable.


Having a website and blog simply allows you to have more control over everything you do with your business, but you can still make money on Pinterest without having a website and blog.


Promoting affiliate offers straight from Pinterest by using affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website can actually be a shortcut for you to make some affiliate cash quick. You won’t be able to pre-sell people with a blog post and share your opinion on the product, but you’ll get them to see the offer right away.


Let’s go ahead and get into the guide so I can show you how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website.


1. Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without a Website – Find an Offer that Converts Quickly


When you don’t have the ability to pre-sell people through your blog, you need to find an easy offer that converts. You shouldn’t be trying to sell people $500 gadgets that they don’t know what they are. Think something that people already have an idea that they would want and you’re just making it easy for them to find it.


When you join affiliate programs, you’ll be able to see what their conversion rates are so it won’t be hard for you to figure out which one is a good option.


2. Target People Near the End of the Buying Cycle


If you want to make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website, your pin should target people that are about ready to make a purchase. If you make a pin that says something like “What is the best solution for problem xyz?” these people may buy but there are more toward the middle of the buying cycle.


If you want to find people at the very end of the buying cycle you might make a pin that says something like “Product xyz is the best and here’s why.” You could put why you think it’s the best in your pin description and then the link goes to your affiliate link where they can make a purchase.


3. Make Pins People Want to Click


If your pins are boring, no one is going to click. No one. Snoozarama.


Learn best practices for creating Pinterest pins and don’t forget to add your own flair to your pins. Since you don’t have a blog, you won’t be putting your website URL on the pin but you can put your Pinterest ID on the pin, so people know who created it and can trace it back to you.


4. Write Amazing Pin Descriptions With Keywords


Since you don’t have a blog to pre-sell people, you’ll need to do your best with pin descriptions. Tell why you’re posting this pin and why people would be interested in what you’re pinning about.


In this description, you also need to keep keywords in mind. If you’re posting about how to make money on Pinterest then you might use keywords like “make money on Pinterest” and “the best way to make money online using Pinterest”.


When you use these keywords, you make it easy for people to find your content and hopefully make a purchase!


5. Upload the Pin to Pinterest With Your Affiliate Link as the Source URL


Now that you’ve created your pin and you have your affiliate link, it’s time to upload it. You can simply go to Pinterest and click the add button. When you click the add button, a screen will pop up where you’ll be able to put the pin title, description, and link in the fields.

Make sure to test the link to make sure Pinterest isn’t blocking your URL. If people have spammed with that affiliate program, they might block it.

6. Save Pin to Relevant Boards


Now that you have your pin ready to go, you need to save it to relevant boards. You might need to make a board if you don’t have one that fits with what you’re trying to do.


For example in the case above, we would be creating boards like “Marketing with Pinterest” or “Online marketing”. Both of these boards would be relevant and help with getting views on Pinterest.


Step 7 (Optional). Use Tailwind to Boost Your Pin & Make Your Life Easier


If you haven’t heard of Tailwind then — you’re welcome, in advance.


Tailwind has made my life so much easier and has gotten me a lot of views with very little work. Tailwind allows you to auto-post at the best times for your specific account but it also has a cool feature called tribes where you can all help each other promote pins.


Tribes alone would be a good enough reason to check out Tailwind when you’re doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a website.


If you’re interested in finding out what Tailwind is, here are a couple of blog posts you can check out.


Tailwind Free Trial – Is It Worth It?


How Much Does Tailwind Cost?


Use Pinterest to Get More Traffic


Avoid These No-Nos When Doing Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without a Website


Pinterest isn’t the wild wild west of affiliate marketing and you have to make sure you play by their rules. One of the things you shouldn’t be doing on Pinterest is using URL shorteners. URL shorteners are often used to confuse consumers and make them think an affiliate link isn’t an affiliate link.


That’s no good!


Another thing is using affiliate programs that don’t allow you to directly link from social media sites like Pinterest to their affiliate offers. Make sure to read the terms of each affiliate program to be certain that you’re within their guidelines.


Also, never say in the pin that you use and love a product if you don’t. It’s just not cool. Be honest in your promotions and you’ll find that your Pinterest profile will soar.


Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Without a Website



  1. I have to say, maybe it’s just me, but I have struggled to find info on Aff marketing just using a android phone (because I don’t have access to an internet connection right now for my computer).
    So when i found this article i was excited to read it. Thanks for the info and ask the best to you.



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