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4 Things to Do When Your Business’s Conversion Rate is Low


Every business goes through seasons when business is low as the number of walk-in customers or traffic to your online pages declines. The reasons can be low demand, decreased buying power, and global economic hardships.


As the world fights the coronavirus pandemic, most businesses have been affected as the need to keep physical distance and reduce social activities takes center stage. 


However, if you still have a large following or a lot of visitors to your site other than the fact that the buying power has decreased, here are other reasons to look into.


Poor First Impressions


When your onpage optimization efforts are on point, you’ll drive steady traffic to your site, but people have to be impressed by what they find. Is the style, colors, images appropriate to the intended target group? If targeting a more professional middle age group, bright, flashy colors and laid-back language might put them off.


Site design can be a significant issue but more importantly, make sure you meet your visitors’ needs. Understanding the search terms they used to land on your page will help you discover what they are looking for and aim to meet that demand. 


Poor Navigation


Do the visitors struggle to find or locate what they need on your site? Page visitors don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for information or products but will prefer an easy-to-understand and use navigation system. 


Make sure that at a glance, someone can comprehend all your site’s information and locate what they need.  It’s also essential to use a language your target audience quickly understands and make the pages as detailed as possible. 


Confusing Page Instructions


Have you ever been on a page, and you don’t know what a specific instruction means? You may want to buy a product, but you can’t find a clear call to action button or the customer helpline. Make sure your visitors understand all instructions on a page failure to which they will move on to the next site they find what they need.


To make your information clear, minimize distractions. Let the information or products you’ll marketing on the page stand out and don’t clatter. You’d rather have more pages to work on than squeeze everything into one space. It makes your work confusing and unprofessional. 


Also, make the checkout easy to navigate. A complicated process makes buyers abandon carts before they clear the process. Ensure buyers find the information they need quickly, such as products on the checklist, shipment options, not forgetting to have easily identifiable trust seals. 


Customers Don’t Trust Your Site


Site visitors want assurance that the site is genuine and the products offered authentic and safe. Before they trust you with their money, they must be convinced that the systems are secure and you’ve put all the necessary measures in place to protect sensitive data.


Can they quickly identify the security measures? Also, make sure the information is correct and verifiable. Don’t over-promise or underprice to attract customers. 


As you carefully check your visitors’ behavior, you’ll detect problem areas that, when corrected, will significantly reduce the bounce rate. 


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