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Tips on How to Get More Blog Traffic from the Author of The Viral Pin Guide

learn how to get more traffic to your blog

Do you want to learn how to get more blog traffic?


I know how frustrating it can be to spend hours writing detailed blog posts that you can’t wait to publish.
… But you finally finish it, and *crickets*.


Having nobody read your blog posts can be really disheartening.


And I know because I’ve been there.


When I first started easyblogemily, I’d spend forever writing really detailed blogging tutorials to help other readers (plus I use screenshots, so I’d spend time preparing step-by-step screenshots too). I knew my posts would be really helpful for beginner bloggers. But nobody was reading them- I was lucky to get around 50 page views a day, at most.


To my despair, this went on for months.


Until finally, one day I realised I needed to start working on a strategy that would help me get more blog traffic.
And whilst I’m not one of those bloggers who gets hundreds of thousands of page views, I am now averaging at just under 20k page views a month. And I have been able to monetise my blog because of it!


So if you’re a blogger who wants more blog readers, this post is for you.


Because I’m going to be sharing my best tips for growing your blog for when you’re stuck in a traffic rut you just can’t seem to break out of.




Before I tell you what will help you get more blog traffic, it’s so important you understand what 100% won’t work. And that’s sharing more blog posts. As a beginner blogger, you’re still in the learning stages. So if you go full speed ahead and write 50 blog posts before you’ve learnt how to write a traffic generating blog post?


Well, those 50 blog posts will not be as good for generating traffic as they could have been if you’d waited and learnt a bit more first. Not only that but if you’re sharing —  say 1 blog post a week and nobody is reading it…. Then doubling the amount you post isn’t going to double your blog traffic.


Because any number times 0 is still 0!


So tip #1: Ditch the “write and they will come” thought process. Because it’s not true, and writing 7 blog posts a week is a guaranteed way to burn out and make you want to quit.




If you’re a beginner blogger and haven’t heard of SEO (I certainly hadn’t!), it stands for search engine optimisation.
And whilst it sounds really fancy, it basically means making sure Google finds your blog posts and ranks them for search results.


Organic search traffic from Google is the best traffic you can get, because:


1. It’s passive, meaning you don’t have to actively search for people to read your blog. They are Google searching for something, so they are coming to your blog instead.
2. It’s targeted. Because these people are actively searching for something on Google, they want answers to a specific topic. So if your blog post can deliver, these are going to be the readers who buy the products you have recommended in your posts, sign up to your email list, etc.


Organic search traffic FTW!


Now, SEO can seem really overwhelming to new bloggers.


But there are basically two parts to it;


1. Optimising on page
2. Optimising off page


The second is something you can learn to do after you’ve been blogging for a while.
But as someone who has almost 70 blog post published, I really wish I had learnt how to optimise on-page before I had written them.


Because on-page optimisation simply means making sure your blog posts have the best chance of showing up on Google that they can. And as I only started to care about SEO for my blog posts months into my blogging journey, loads of my posts aren’t optimised (and won’t show on Google results).


I have recently started to take SEO more seriously; some of my blog posts rank first now, and I get around 1,200 sessions a month from Google.


But for tip #2: learn how to optimise your blog posts for Google before you start writing them.




Whilst organic traffic is awesome, it can take a few months to see results from it. But something that can be pretty much instant is Pinterest traffic. If you’ve heard of Pinterest already, you might just think of it as a place to save pics of your favourite outfits and recipes.


But Pinterest is the perfect mix of:


1. A social media platform
2. And a search engine for pictures


Which makes it pretty awesome for getting blog traffic.


I speak from experience; I was stuck at under 100 page views a day, but after one of my pins went viral my traffic soared to almost 600 page views in just 24 hours!
Pinterest is now how I get the majority of my blog traffic.


In fact, I love it so much, that I actually created a free called Easy Pinterest with Emily that will show you how to get more blog traffic from Pinterest.


So if you want to learn how to master Pinterest for your blog, be sure to check out the free course here! I also have a full guide called The Viral Pin Guide where I break everything down and give you all of the keys to success for Pinterest traffic. Get it here.


<<Disclaimer – Jessica here. I am an affiliate for the Viral Pin Guide so if you make a purchase of it through the above link, I do get a small commission for telling you about it — at no cost to you. Thanks for that. :0)>>


Tip #3: Focus on Pinterest for immediate blog traffic.




One of the biggest mistakes I see new bloggers make is trying to use “top up” traffic as their main source of traffic.
What I mean by this is scouring different platforms, just to get a few page views here and there.
I’m guilty of it; when I first started, I loved posting a link in a Facebook group as it gave me a little surge in traffic. Or when someone tweeted my blog post.


But these are not solid methods of getting traffic.


Because as soon as that post in the Facebook group dies out, or the tweet stops getting attention, you stop getting traffic.


Now, this is not to say you should never use Facebook or Twitter. I love being in Facebook groups for example, as they allow me to find like-minded bloggers. But they are not solid methods to get more blog traffic.


Posting in Facebook groups and tweeting help me get more traffic here and there, but they are not something I focus on anymore. As top up methods don’t get the same amount of results as SEO and Pinterest do, for the same amount of effort.


So sure, if you want to get a little surge in traffic for the day, spend all your time writing comments in Facebook groups. But I don’t recommend it for getting serious blog traffic.


Tip #4: Don’t spend too much time on methods that won’t bring you traffic in the long run. Use these strategies to get “top up” traffic later on instead.


SIDE NOTE: Yes, there are some bloggers who get all their traffic from their Facebook pages, or hosting Facebook groups. And lots of bloggers find success on Twitter, and using links on Instagram too.
But just from personal experience? SEO is where traffic is in the long run, and Pinterest efforts will be almost immediate. So I recommend these as your main traffic sources, then use top up traffic later on in your blogging journey!




With there being so many methods of gaining traffic available, it can be overwhelming.
And actually, focusing on too many ways to get traffic can be detrimental to gaining traffic. You’ll wear yourself out posting on Facebook and Instagram daily, tweeting multiple times a day, pinning loads, etc.


So what I recommend is just focusing on one or two traffic sources at a time:


1. Start with SEO and Pinterest, as these are solid ways to get serious blog traffic.
2. Once you’ve mastered these, move onto one other platform e.g Instagram if you’re a food or fashion blogger. Or create a Facebook group for weight loss motivation.
3. Then once you’ve mastered that or tried it for a couple of months, try another platform.


As nobody has the same blogging journey, and you’ll never know what method of getting traffic is the best for you and your blog until you try it. But what I can say with confidence is that you are just one person, and can’t do it all in one go!


So tip #5: focus on one traffic source at a time (2 at most).




I hope this post has helped you figure out how you can get traffic to your blog! I know it can be very frustrating.
But making sure you’re focusing your efforts in the right place and not wasting your precious time will make sure you start getting traffic fast.


And lastly, believe you can! If I can do it, there’s no reason you can’t too 🙂


This post is by Emily from EasyBlogEmily.com ! I hope you enjoyed it.


Emily is an advertising graduate from the UK and has been blogging online for 2 years and helps others start and see success with their blogs.




Learn how to get more traffic to your blog today


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