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New Tailwind Feature for Instagram (Hide Your Hashtags!)

lady yelling into a microphone about the new tailwind feature for instagram

I am so excited about this new Tailwind feature for Instagram. I am going to be tearing IG up… lol


If you follow me @jessicalaurenvine look out for that because I am a beast. bahaha


So, I made a short little video to explain what all of the excitement about the new hidden hashtags is. You can find that below BUT I also typed it out below the video in case you don’t feel like watching. 😉 Enjoy!



<<Disclaimer>> You should know that if you purchase a subscription from Tailwind using my link, I will get a small commission as a thank you for helping you out. Appreciate it! See the full disclaimer here.


The new hashtag finder is awesome. The only problem is that it is messy. There are hashtags all over! Up to 30!


Not anymore.


The new feature allows you to auto-schedule your post and auto-schedule your hashtags in the first comment! Freakin’ brilliant, right?


You can not only get the recommended suggestions, but you also can see how competitive a hashtag is. You want to find the sweet spot where the hashtag has people following and searching for it but not so competitive that your post is going to fly right out of the feed.


Instagram is a little bit of a different beast than Pinterest since with Pinterest people are going to see your posts for the long-term, potentially. With Instagram, you have to be ready to make a lot of posts with great hashtags to get the results that you want.


One isn’t better than the other, you just have to know how to play the game if you want to win!


I am personally going to take some of my most popular posts and start promoting them regularly on Instagram as well as Pinterest. While creating lots of fresh new content is great – you want to promote it and get eyeballs on it.


You can see my full Tailwind review and get more information on how it works by reading these posts:


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If you just want to get down to it and get your free trial of Tailwind for either/both Tailwind for Instagram or Pinterest, you can do so at this link:


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