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How to Use Long Tail Keywords in Your SEO Strategy

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Learning how to use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy to get more traffic is a great idea, wouldn’t you agree?


Of course! Anyway to get more traffic to your website sounds like a good idea to me too. By the time you get through this article, I will help you understand what long tail keywords are, how they work with your SEO strategy and how to best implement them.


Guide on How to Use Long Tail Keywords


Grab your fav drink and get ready to learn about long tail keywords. B-)


What Are Long Tail Keywords?


Long tail keywords are, well, long keywords like “how to use long tail keywords” vs “keyword research”. One is long tail and one is short tail. lol Just kidding, we really don’t say that. Or do we? Whatever.




That is as simple as it can be with explaining what long tail keywords are, but why are they important?


You may have guessed one of the reasons, but maybe not the other.


#1 – Low Hanging Fruit


In most cases, you are going to find it much easier to rank for long tail keywords than you would for a short keyword term. The reason for this is because less people are optimized for the long tail keywords.


These keywords are a hidden goldmine where you can find opportunities to cash out that are flying under the radar. Optimize your website for the search term and if you have a decent domain authority you could be ranking on the front page pretty quickly.


If you don’t have a blog yet, you definitely need to check out my post about how to start a blog.


#2 – Further Down the Funnel


When people type in a keyword (keyword phrase) or long tail keyword, like “best way to do the keto diet” they are most likely further along in their research process. This means you are more likely to convert them into a buyer.


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Finding Long Tail Keywords in Your Niche


Finding long tail keywords in your niche isn’t difficult. You can go to Google, Youtube, Pinterest or any other search engine that autocompletes your queries and see some of the best long tail keywords.


You can also use keyword research tools to help you find keywords. If you try to do your keyword research without tools, that is like trying to get the water out of the Titanic with a small pail. Not a big pail. A small pail.


You can do the work manually or with a tool, but what is most certain is that you need to be writing a lot of content. It can get tiresome, but if you use a service like Blogger or if you hire a writer, it can make it a little easier to deal with.


The best way to get rolling and learn how to use long tail keywords is to get started with one foot in front of the other. Or in this case, if you are writing, one finger in front of the other!


Go get ’em!


Not ready to go yet? Check out one of the other blogs on the site or drop a bookmark to come back again soon. 🙂


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