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Google Sucks: How To Use Pinterest to Get Blog Traffic

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If you think Google sucks and want to learn how to use Pinterest to get blog traffic then you’re in the right place.

I’ve hated Google more than once because of their algorithm changes. It seems that you can never know what they are going to change and how it is going to affect your blog traffic.

I do have to say that I do not hate Google or think that it sucks and I have an article about how to get on the front page of Google without paying, but if you are tired of playing with SEO on Google for a while then Pinterest is a great place to go.

According to an article on Forbes in Oct 2016, there were 150 million monthly users on Pinterest and the platform has continued to grow since this report and people aren’t only sharing recipes and craft ideas on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine that is getting smarter every day. When you learn how to use Pinterest to get blog traffic, you may be blown away by the numbers going through your traffic statistics board.

I don’t know about you, but I love pinning to my boards both public and secret so that I can come back later and read blog posts that I find interesting. Some of the bloggers that are using Pinterest to get traffic are getting 2 million views through promoting on Pinterest.

Many of you are probably thinking, “If I knew how to use Pinterest to get more blog traffic, I’d be happy with a couple of thousand”. There are plenty of people that feel the exact same way and many of you are working to reach your first 1,000 visitors per month on your blog.

How to Use Pinterest to Get Blog Traffic – Pin High-Quality Pins Consistently

Pinning every once in a while is not going to get you to the following that you want. When you are thinking about how to use Pinterest to get more blog traffic, you can’t pin one day and not pin for a month and expect to get the results you want.

You need high-quality pins from yourself and from other people. If you only post your own content on Pinterest, you are going to look like a spammer. If you get greedy, Pinterest may give for a while but then Pinterest will take away.

Use Pinterest in a way that is going to add value to the platform and it is going to take good care of you. It could seem overwhelming to pin so much when you see most experts are telling you to pin 10-30 times per day to keep your account moving along smoothly. Some experts even say you should post 200+ times per day.

While manual pinning can be fun and get you results, it can also take a lot of your valuable time. It can take time where you could be creating new content, promoting your content in other ways or doing something offline like playing with your kids or hanging out with your husband or friends.

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One of the apps that I found that is super helpful is called Tailwind. There is a lot to learn with Tailwind so I will have to do another blog about that but basically, Tailwind is an app and extension for your browser that allows you to schedule pins and also allows you to use “tribes” so your pins are going to be able to get more repins and higher reach. Imagine yourself as the next big influencer on Pinterest. It is possible if that is what you are looking to do.

Read My Review & Try Tailwind for free <—- Or you can look right at Tailwind pricing here.

When you are working on any content marketing plan, you need to make sure you know what your goals are and there is no difference when it comes to your Pinterest strategy, so keep that in mind.

Organize Your Boards & Pins So They Are Easy to Navigate

When you start pinning so many pins, you need to make sure that you do not confuse your followers. Organize your boards so people know which ones are most important by putting the ones you want people to visit pin in the featured boards section or putting them at the top of the boards you have.

Pinterest allows you to make cover photos for your boards and it will allow you to make your Pinterest profile look nice and sleek. It also helps people understand what you are all about and if you are trying to make money online, this is important. You can see how I did my Pinterest covers below so people can easily tell where they need to go and which boards are the most important ones to me.

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At the time of writing this (April 9th, 2018), I’ve only been using Tailwind for 7 days as you can see from the below stats. You can also see that it has helped me A LOT and the good news is that I haven’t spent much time on it other than creating a few more graphics than normal for my posts and scheduling pins for a couple of hours but I have content that could go on its own for months right now. I didn’t procrastinate or it would have taken me forever. lol

Why Pinterest Is Easier to Get Traffic for Newbies

When you have a new blog and are working on ranking on Google for search terms you have a long row to hoe. This is because Google isn’t sure who you are or what you’re up to. They are “checking you out” to see if you’re a good guy or if you’re simply a spam site that is going to try to grab some quick traffic and game the search engines.

When you get on Pinterest, if you make an awesome pin and people see it, they are likely to repin it or save it. These signals say – HEY PINTEREST! This is a good gal and we should show her some love and they will show your pin in people’s feeds that are likely to be looking for what you are pinning about.

This isn’t your momma’s traffic generation game. You need to keep up your game so that you are going to be able to generate traffic in 2020 and beyond. Having traffic for a little while and seeing it go away because you weren’t continuing to learn is not a good feeling.

Besides for automation and making yourself easier to find through a high number of pins, you can also get attention through group boards. You can use pingroupie to find group boards that you can post to so you can get more traffic.

To give you an idea of what group boards are going to do for you, they are going to allow you to pin on boards that may have 1,000s of followers because of the promotion of the board admin. If there are 10,000 followers then 10,000 people are likely to be shown your pins and this could help greatly with your repins if you’ve made attractive pins that people want to save and repin.

When you’re trying to learn how to use Pinterest to get blog traffic, you need to make sure that your pins are awesome or all the promo in the world is not going to help you. Pinterest can be one of your biggest sources of traffic but you need to put the work in to make it happen. Happy pinning!

Pinterest Latest Algorithm Update & Best Practices

Recently Pinterest did a major algorithm update and bloggers are FREAKING out! They want to know what to do going from here and how to keep getting results or finally get results in light of the new updates.

One of the things you’ve probably heard is that you have to create new content for the algorithm. You might be thinking about how many more blog posts, product pages and other types of content you have to create. While creating those things is a great idea, you should know that new pins even to older posts are considered new content to Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t being mean here or trying to hurt us. Pinterest knows its users love fresh new pins they’ve never seen before. They are doing these algorithm updates to help them and help us.

Create those fresh pins and use Tailwind to schedule them out and get the attention you want back to your blog, product pages, and other goodies you’re pinning about. If you’re feeling lost in the shuffle, Tailwind has a great SmartGuide that can help you through all the best practices.

If you’re worried about harming your account or anything scary like that, SmartGuide will make sure you’re following best practices. As you post more content through Tailwind, you’ll see further updates on how what you’re doing is working and what you can do to make your efforts even more effective.

Safeguard your account from being marked as spam by using SmartGuide and keep creating new content that Pinterest and your audience will eat up! Tailwind always knows the best practices for Pinterest since they are a Pinterest partner. Breathe easy!

PS: Tailwind also works with Instagram now if you want to market using Pinterest and Instagram.

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