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SEO Checklist 2020: What SEO Techniques Are Working?


Have the SEO techniques that you’ve been using for years stopped working for you? SEO can change within a blink of an eye on the whim of someone at Google. You need to learn what SEO techniques are working now and throughout the year 2020.


Continue reading this article to learn what’s working in SEO, so your rankings can improve or you can guard against losing your first page rankings.




Using out of date techniques instead of 2020 SEO techniques could leave your website dead in the water. You are writing content and being consistent, but you still see 0 search engine traffic coming to your website. What is going on?


What Content Are Search Engines Looking For?


If you are working to rank in the search engines and building a business in 2019, you may be trying to figure out how to best write content for the search engines, but this could shoot you in the foot in the long run.


Search engines are looking for content their users are going to find valuable. If you are writing content, stuffing it with the same keyword over and over again and providing little to no value, the search engines are going to know it. They get smarter every year.


While years back you could research search terms over and over again and see yourself in the rankings, that is not going to work in this competitive and highly intelligent age.


When you are building out your website’s content, you need to stop procrastinating and think about how you can give the end-user the information and help they need. Of course, you want to do your keyword research to ensure users are going to be able to find your content that is relevant to their search, but always keeps the end-user in mind as you are writing your content.


Is Link Building Important in 2020?


I have heard different points of view when it comes to link building and how effective it is when it comes to 2018 SEO techniques.


I have to tell you that link building in 2018 for SEO purposes is NOT the same as it was in years past. Before you could go spam a bunch of blogs with cheap comments and search engines would be like “whelp, I guess they are cool… go ahead!”


In 2018, SEO techniques and link building are not the same. You want to make sure the sites that are linking to you are good sites and not spam links. You can check through different link checking sites like MOZ or majestic to make sure the sites you are asking to link to you are going to be high quality.


While quantity is important, you want to think of quality most of all. One highly relevant and authoritative link could outweigh one hundred easy links that have little relevance and authority.


When you work in a professional like digital marketing, it is important to always be up on the latest techniques and strategies to build your online empire.


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