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Title Capitalization Tool

Title capitalization is easy with this automatic title case tool!

Automatically capitalize titles, email subject lines and more. No more embarrassing mess-ups.

Simply type below and select Title Case, UPPER CASE, lower case, Sentence case, and First Letter capitalization.

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How to use the title capitalization tool:

1. Either type the text directly into the title capitalization tool or copy and paste it from another document.

2. Select either Title Case, UPPER CASE, lower case, Sentence case or First Letter capitalization.

3. Take a look as your title is automatically capitalized in the case you wanted it.

4. Select the title, copy and paste to the document or page you want to use it.

That’s all! You’re good and can capitalize your next title.

What to Capitalize in a Title

When saying “Capitalize my title!” it can be confusing figuring out what to capitalize in a title.

While using my title capitalization tool can do this for you easily, what if you’re on the go? Understanding how to capitalize a title properly will help you when you’re out and about without great WiFi.

If you don’t capitalize your title right, it can look strange and it appears unprofessional.

Keep in mind that there are four main styles of title capitalization.

These styles are Chicago, APA, MLA, and AP. These styles are only slightly different but understanding the rules will help you in case you get stuck.

If you’re like me then you probably only use one style and can learn the rules pretty quickly.

Title Case Capitalization Rules

When using title case capitalization you capitalize the first word in your title, last word in the title as well as important words in the title.

Important words are:

  • Nouns
  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Pronouns
  • Subordinating conjunctions
  • Verbs

If you’re writing book titles, headlines, and blog posts, you’ll likely use title case capitalization.

Words to Avoid Capitalization in Title Case

If you’re using title case capitalization, there are some words you won’t be capitalizing.

Those words are:

  • Articles
  • Coordinating conjunctions
  • Words with fewer than 5 letters
  • Prepositions

Using Sentence Case

Using sentence case capitalize is pretty basic. Sentence case capitalization just means that you’re capitalizing the first letter of your sentence, proper nouns, and no other words.

You may also find these guides helpful to better understand the different styles.

Chicago Style

APA Style

MLA Style

AP Style

NY Times


Now you have a pretty good understanding of how to capitalize when you’re writing, so no more putting off your book, blog article or any other projects because of fear, or making a capitalization error.

This capitalization checker is a real lifesaver and you may also find a tool called Grammarly helpful as well. I use it as a Chrome extension but you can use it purely online, with Word and other ways as well.

You should know I am an affiliate of Grammarly and when you make a purchase through that link will help keep this blog alive, but they do have a free version.