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New Google Search Menu With Icons – Check It Out

google search menu icon update

Well, here it is folks.


The brand new Google search menu with icons.


Unless you’re a nerdy SEO like me, you might not have realized this change but it is going to change things for consumers and marketers alike.


In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is a screenshot from my search below:


google search menu with icons update


Pretty fancy, right?


While it looks cool, content marketers are like — *rolls eyes* Another update? #doh


Calm yourself. This little update isn’t going to cause too much of a change. People are going to notice and it may grab more attention which will cause people to click on the icons and view different search results.


What course of action should you take to get the most SEO traffic from this update?


I highly recommend that you look through each of these tabs and see what type of content is ranking. How can you tweak your content to make it more friendly to each of these tabs?


If people are going to be clicking away from the “All” search results to see other searches, you want to make sure you show up there as well. If you show up on multiple pages, people are more likely to click on your website which means — ding ding ding! You get traffic.


Carry on. Nothing else to see here.


Unless of course, you want to hop over to read my blog post about how to market your business with a blog. That would be a good idea. 😉


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