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Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners: What to Look for When You’re Just Starting Out

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When you’re looking for the best affiliate programs for beginners, you want to find a program that doesn’t have a high bar for approval. When you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, you probably don’t have a fancy website or a lot of traffic.


Since you don’t have a fancy website nor a bunch of traffic, you’ll need a program that either doesn’t have an approval process or that won’t likely care if you don’t have “street cred” already. Here are some of my recommendations from my experience with affiliate marketing.


Must-See Affiliate Programs for Beginners


The rules and regulations for each of these affiliate programs may change in the future but right now these are some of the best bets that you currently have if you’re a beginner at affiliate marketing.


clickbank home page for affiliate marketers




ClickBank is an affiliate network that sells information products. When you navigate over to their website, you’ll find anything from parenting how-tos to how to get your ex back.


Most of the programs on ClickBank don’t require approval from the merchant, which is what makes them great affiliate programs for beginners. Not only that but many of these affiliate offers have great affiliate help sections that not only train you on affiliate marketing but also give you great resources like banners and keyword research.


Moreniche is mainly a health network affiliate program




MoreNiche is one of the networks that I made some serious cash within my early days. Their affiliate help team is absolutely amazing and they have a lot of great offers in the health and beauty niches. From time to time I’ve seen them venture into other niches and they may have some other offers now.


You should be able to get started with their affiliate program pretty easily as long as you’re working to promote the offers of your choice.


MarketHealth is mainly a health affiliate network


Market Health


Market Health is another network that I’ve worked with before. They have many different health offers from Acne clearing to skin lightening and weight loss. They have a couple of different payment options and also aren’t very picky which makes it a good option for newer affiliate marketers.


Amazon is a trusted affiliate program for beginners




Amazon is the king of the online world when it comes to sales. Who doesn’t know about Amazon?


While the affiliate commissions are super high, you do get the credibility of their name backing you which is a major plus in my mind. Make sure to check how much you get for promoting the products you’re thinking about promoting because there are some (like Gift Cards) that don’t pay anything at all.



Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate program for making money online


Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is another program I’ve been a part of for many years. You don’t have to go through an approval process to get started with their program and you can earn while you learn through their platform.


ShareASale has a lot of great offers for beginner affiliate marketers




You may have seen my ShareASale review already and seen the requirements to get started with ShareASale. They are a great network to be a part of but some of their programs are more difficult to get approved when you’re a new affiliate.


Make sure you look through the requirements before you try to apply for any given program.


What to Look for When You’re Choosing the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners


As you’re choosing the best affiliate programs for beginners, here are the most important things you should pay attention to:


  1. Support


Since you’re just getting going, you’re going to need some help. If nothing else, you’re going to need some cheerleading along the way, am I right? Check to see if the affiliate program of your choice as a dedicated affiliate manager that is here to help everyone working as an affiliate.


Not all programs are going to have a dedicated affiliate manager so don’t totally shrug off the program if they don’t have on but it’s definitely a big pro if they do.


You may even get to have direct access to the product creator in some cases since many people like to be hands-on with their company. Make good use of any communication with the people helping you with the affiliate program and always implement their advice.


  1. Conversion Rate


If you’re sending traffic to an offer and not making any money, their product or service likely doesn’t have a good conversion rate. Make sure they are getting sales with their sales page and processes so you’re not wasting time sending people to their offer.


  1. Earnings Per Click


The earnings per click or EPC show the average earnings per click of a campaign. If you send 100 people there and some of them convert, it is how much you can expect to earn per click if you do the math.


  1. Marketing Materials


Do you need banners for your website? Maybe you’d like to have some pre-written emails to send to your email list. Check with the program you’re considering before you get started and see if they are available for you.


Some affiliate programs provide these for their affiliates which means one less thing for you to do so you can focus on sending traffic to the offer.


Get Started with Affiliate Marketing


Are you still on the fence about your ability to win with affiliate marketing? These affiliate programs for beginners are a great start. If you haven’t already, make sure you head over to my blog post about Wealthy Affiliate and see what it is all about – you can get a free account after all.


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