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Jessica Lauren Vine

Jessica Lauren Vine

Encouraging You to Live Your Someday Dreams Today

Hi! I am Jessica Lauren Vine.

I’ve been through some bad times (eviction, negative bank accounts, loss of loved ones, divorce) and some good times (marrying the love of my life, having parents that love me, being blessed with the most amazing kids, having money to travel with my husband and kids around the US and much more).

I’ve learned a lot in my 33 years on this Earth and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

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My goal isn’t to showcase myself as an expert on this or that. My goal is to help as many people through this blog as I possibly can.

When I post something on my site, it is because I believe it will be helpful to someone else out there. I’ve been blogging for years and I know it can be challenging to show up in the world as your true self.

My goal is to show up as myself whether I’m talking about finances, parenting, marketing or some other topic in order to show you that it is possible to not be perfect and still live a life that you’re insanely in love with!

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