Jessica Lauren Vine

Jessica Lauren Vine

Encouraging You to Live Your Best Life Now

I never really fit in as a kid.

I was always doing something weird.

Starting a magazine about adventure - called Adventure Advocate.

I would mail it out monthly to my subscribers. I think I got up to like 10? Thanks - you know who you are... lol

Don't get me wrong. I still loved playing with Barbies and playing video games, but I knew I was different.

And not just because my parents were super conservative Christians and I just couldn't dig it.

I wanted pants and makeup. hahah

Anyway... I learned at a young age that you had to go your own way. You had to forge your own path.

Even if people thought you were weird or if that meant that you didn't fit in.

I went on to build an online company when I was 12 - which I sold for a whopping $400.

Not bad for a 12-year-old though. Go me. 😉

Adult Life

By the time I was an adult (18) I already had a divorce under my belt and a baby to show for it.

Good thing I didn't know about the statistics about what happens to "these type of people."

I went through plenty of challenges (yes, there will be a book) but fast forward to 2019 and I'm living my life on the road in our RV traveling all around the US with my husband of 12 years, 4 boys, a dog and a cat. <3

What You Can Expect from My Site

On this site you'll find inspiration, motivation, life hacks and lots of internet marketing advice.

I firmly believe that money solves almost any problem and the people that say it doesn't just haven't had enough.

If that resonates with you, stick around and drop your name and email below so you don't miss any emails. <3

jessica lauren vine
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