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Making Positive, Permanent Changes To Your Workplace

Changes to Your Workplace

As businesses start to bounce back after a difficult year, it’s important to think about the future and boosting the morale of your employees after a difficult time. 


Being able to reflect on the past year can help you bring improvements to your business that will help make it a more positive place, boosting the morale of your employees to help them do their best work.


Ready for a fresh start for your business? Here are some ideas for positive, permanent changes you can make to your workplace.


Prioritize Mental Health

Mental health is finally getting the attention it deserves, and it’s important that employers support the mental health of their employees. Many employers have already made great strides in this area, providing employee support and counseling programs, checking in more, and recognizing mental health as a serious issue.


But employers need to continue to support mental health to ensure it remains a priority. Make sure your employees know they’re supported and encourage open discussions about mental health to help eradicate stigmas.


If you have employees working from home, it’s even more important to check in on their mental health. Many businesses conduct wellbeing surveys which can help give good insight into your employees’ health, allowing you to make appropriate changes if needed. 


Encourage Better Physical Health and Wellbeing


Encouraging physical health is another way to promote a more positive workplace. Being fit and healthy means fewer sick days, but it also improves energy levels and focus. From tackling reasons why employees might suffer headaches at work to ensuring they have supportive desk areas, there are some basic things you can do to help take care of employee health.


At a deeper level, you can provide some healthy snack options for employees, negotiate corporate discounts for gym memberships and health clubs, and even introduce wellbeing days. Encourage employees to get away from their desks at lunchtime and see if it helps improve mood and productivity in the afternoons.


Bring in Flexible Working


Over the past year, more and more businesses have embraced home working. Could home working be a permanent move for your business? It’s something to consider so that your employees enjoy a better work/life balance, especially if you’ve experienced maintained productivity during this time.


Flexible working doesn’t just have to apply to office-based businesses. Restaurants, stores, and other businesses that work to a shift pattern could also provide forms of flexible working. Introducing split shifts can be one way to help employees juggle childcare and other commitments, creating a schedule that’s more beneficial to them. It can take some getting used to, but it can bring a big boost to your business.


With flexible working, it’s important to talk to your employees about what they want. Some employees might prefer the home working environment and get the chance to continue to do so if it works for them, while others might be keen to come back. It’s possible you’ll need to provide different options to your employees, working together to devise the right solutions for both your employees and your business.


Refresh the Work Environment


Could your workplace benefit from a facelift? A redesigned office space can ignite enthusiasm and spark creativity, for a more positive working environment. Many companies are breaking the mold when it comes to their office space, creating spaces that are open, collaborative, and clearly reflect a company’s values.


An attractive office space with different features and amenities can be very appealing to employees. A change can also help employees feel a renewed enthusiasm for their jobs, bringing some fresh excitement to the workplace.


Why not check out some super cool office designs to give you some inspiration?


Improve Communications


Communication is essential to maintaining good relationships with your employees. There are different steps you can take to improve employee communications including making meetings more productive (instead of more frequent), asking for input, and communicating goals and objectives so that employees understand where they fit.


Alongside improved communications, it’s also important that you reward your employees. As a good morale booster, focusing on employee achievements can help them maintain their passion, and make them feel more valued too.


Focus on Diversity


Diversity is at the heart of a positive workplace. Employees value diversity, and it can help you attract the best talent that’s out there too. Employees can feel more at ease in a diverse workplace, creating a more positive working environment. 


Some of the things you can do to promote diversity in the workplace include giving employees the opportunity to express themselves, create safe spaces where people can engage freely, and ensure everyone has the opportunity to feel included. It’s vital that you stay up to date with the latest practices too to ensure that diversity is maintained in your workplace.

Create an Employee Events Program

A sociable workplace can become a more positive place to work, with employees able to develop better working relationships. It also helps inject some fun into the workplace!


From fun team-building days to creating clubs and planning work events, a varied events program gives employees the chance to get involved in different activities. You could even bring some of your team on board to create and plan events, helping to get a variety of people involved in the planning.


An events program doesn’t have to just involve social activities. Many organizations bring in guest speakers and workshops that can provide some fantastic insight into your industry, helping give employees fresh ideas and perspectives too.


Help Your Employees Develop 


Development is important for your workplace for many reasons. It not only helps your employees develop and enhance their skills, but it can help keep them within your company, reducing your turnover and making sure you benefit from having a skilled and experienced workplace.


There are a lot of effective ways to provide development opportunities to your employees. From providing them with access to training courses to providing mentoring schemes, there are a lot of different ways you can help your employees develop and grow within your company. 


Give Back


Does your business do enough to help others? Perhaps it’s time you started to give back. It can help make your business more responsible, while also giving your employees the opportunity to do some good. It can be a great way to encourage positivity while also helping to bring your teams closer together. 


Some of the ways you can give back without breaking the bank include:


  • Allowing employees to donate a portion of their salaries to charity
  • Volunteering for local charities and community projects
  • Sharing skills and providing services to those in need
  • Sponsor local sports teams and events
  • Conduct charity drives


In addition to giving back, your workplace can also help to promote sustainability and better environmental policies. Sustainability is an important cause for many people, and working for an eco-friendly company can be very appealing when it comes to attracting talent to your business.


The world needs some positivity right now, and you can start with your workplace. Creating a more positive working environment can help bring out the best in your employees, helping to create an efficient, productive business that achieves its goals. From small improvements to big policy changes, think of ways you can make some positive and permanent changes to your workplace to make it a better place to work for everyone.


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