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The Non-Spammy Way: How to Gain More Followers on Twitter

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With over 336 million monthly active users, Twitter is a great place to get global attention.


Focusing on a strong platform like Twitter can create another strong stream of website traffic. Continue reading this article as I show you these awesome non-spammy techniques and how to gain more followers on Twitter.


How to Gain More Followers on Twitter Fast


With so many people active on Twitter, it is an obvious win if you can get more legitimate followers. I don’t mean fake followers like bots. I am talking about real people that want to follow you.


1. Have a Well Filled Out & Attractive Profile


Don’t start trying to gain more followers on Twitter if your profile isn’t fully filled out. You need to brush up and make it look a-mazin’. 


You don’t have to be a model or anything. Just have a good profile picture where people can see your face and a good description so people know what you’re all about.


2. Tweet Valuable & Viral Content Frequently


Tweets have a short lifespan. The feed is zipping by so quickly that your tweet is going to be gone almost as soon as you post it. 


By posting valuable and viral content frequently, you can keep your tweets alive and gain massive exposure. A retweet from the right influencer and your sweet little tweet has made its way around the internet.


3. Follow Influencers In Your Industry


Keep up on the latest trends and interact with their tweets. You want to get involved in the conversation so people know who you are and what you’re about. 


4. Use Hashtags


Hashtags can get your tweets in feeds of people that aren’t following you. Look to see if any trending hashtags will fit your post. 


You can also create your own hashtag so people click it to find tweets about an event, your brand or whatever else you’re promoting with your hashtag.


5. Get Involved in a Trending Conversation


Trending conversations have a lot of people involved with them. If you get involved in trending conversations where your target market is, you can get their attention and grow your following.


6. Share Your Handle On Your Other Social Media Channels


Don’t forget to promote your Twitter handle on your other social media networks. You could share the same content but it won’t be seen on one network or the other because of the algorithm but they see it on the other network. 


7. Engage With People Who Engage With You


Don’t be a snob. Tweet back to people that tweet at you, thank people for the likes and other nice things. If you don’t show appreciation for people on your list, they might not follow you anymore. 


8. Tweet When Your Followers Are Online


When is your target audience online? Make sure you’re tweeting when they are online. If you don’t know, just keep tweeting 24/7 and you’re bound to get them… lol


I use Social Jukebox to help me or otherwise, I’d never tweet enough!


9. Use Keywords In Your Bio


Whatever the industry is that you are targeting, you need to have the keyword in your bio. People looking for what you have can discover you this way, but you are also more likely to get recommended to your target audience when you have the keyword in place.


10. Use @ to Mention Users In Your Tweets


If you have something interesting you want to say about someone else or you want to quote them, use their @username to mention them. They will get a notification and are likely to look at your profile and tweet.


11. Respond with @ Vs. DMing


Instead of replying to people through a private (direct) message, use the @theirusername to reply publically. When you do this, people will see your tweets and it is another opportunity for you to get noticed.


12. Embed Tweets On Your Blog


Embed tweets on your blog so people can easily see them and click on your profile to follow you.


See the tweet I embedded below? 



13. Be Helpful


The more helpful you are, the more likely it is that you will keep followers and gain new followers.


14. Don’t Be Afraid to Retweet


Retweeting other people’s content is a great way to build goodwill. It’s also a great way to provide more content your audience will love. 


How Do You Know If Your Twitter Campaign Is Effective?


To know your campaign is effective, don’t just look at how many followers you are gaining. Look at the following 9 twitter stats below.


9 stats about twitter


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