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It’s Time to Go! – 9 Eye-Opening Reasons to Travel

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Analytical people like you and I need reasons to travel. We have to have a little extra push to get out of our cozy comfort zones and live our lives.


While we know we only have one life, it can be easy to keep putting it off until something happens. But we have to stop that — it’s time to go now!


Continue reading this article to learn about the reasons to travel and how it can benefit your life.


1. Gaining New Perspectives


When you travel, it is an opportunity to see yourself and other people through different eyes. If you’re always in the same place talking to the same people, it is easy to develop a bias and think that’s the way things are everywhere.


One of the biggest reasons to travel is to learn about the world and to learn about yourself. Even if you’re just making your way to the next state over or a connecting country, you’ll be able to learn so much about your fellow man and who you really are.


2. Having New Experiences


Having new experiences is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. If you only do the same thing over and over again, life can get very boring and I believe that’s why a lot of people get depressed.


Is this all there is to life?


No! Go out! Travel and see that there is much more to life.


3. Enjoying New Foods


If you love food the way that I do, you have to travel. You’ll be able to learn about different recipes and what is normal to other people.


When we were in Maine, it was crazy how many signs I saw with lobster, lobster, lobster. That was one of my favorite places to visit and I know we are going to go back.


The scallops were definitely a favorite when I went there but I probably wouldn’t have ever tried scallops had I not been traveling in Maine!


4. Bond With Your Travel Mates


If you’re traveling with a friend or family member, this is a great way to bond. You’re getting to experience these new foods, places, and people together. For years, you’ll have so much to talk about and remember and the more you experience together, the closer you’ll become.


5. Develop an Open Mind


Staying in one place is the best way to develop a closed mind. Traveling opens your mind by allowing you to see and experience what others see and experience as a normal part of their lives.


What you might have seen on television or heard from a friend might not be true after all. It might just be their take on things.


You’ll notice differences in cultures even if you’re traveling within the US and if you venture outside the US — get ready for some real shockers if it’s your first time.


6. Travel to Make Massive Memories


Traveling allows you to create memories that are solid. When you travel somewhere to do something, it is easier for you to remember it.


Remember the time when we were RVing and visited Florida and we saw Lu the Hippo at Homosassa Springs near where we stayed in Crystal River, Florida? I do! That was February 2018.


Since you’re learning new things and seeing new places, these memories are going to be vivid and will stick with you for years to come.


7. Connect With New People


When you stay in one place, you’ll likely keep seeing the same people and talking to the same people. When you travel, you may have some travel mates that come along for the ride but you’ll also meet new people that live in these locations.


It’s a lot of fun to meet new people while you’re on the road. You never know what you might run into.


8. Meet People With the Same Interests


When you’re traveling, you’ll meet other people with a love of travel. It’s so fun to share travel tips and talk about the things you’ve done. You’ve likely seen a few of the same places which will give you something to talk about.


9. Learn New Languages


Depending on where you’re going, you might need to learn a new language to make it easier to navigate. When I went to Mexico, I did my best to learn some Spanish quickly but — I’m honestly just now really working on Spanish seriously and learning it.


While you might want to get yourself to learn a new language, if you plan on staying put and never going anywhere that you can use it, you likely won’t be motivated enough to make it happen.


These Reasons to Travel Are Enough


While these reasons to travel are enough, give yourself your own reasons. Think of things that are going to keep you going when you want to stop.


Traveling looks glamorous when you’re watching it on the travel channel and it can be glamorous! But on the other hand, it is also a lot of work. You’re going to need some reasons to keep traveling and feel free to bookmark this post and come back again when you’re needing some inspiration.

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