How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Much?

With over 55,000 plugins available on the WordPress platform, you may be worried about your site and wondering, “How many WordPress plugins are too much?”


You don’t want to max out your site’s resources from using too many plugins, but how do you know how many are too many?


This is not a one size fits all answer. It greatly depends on the type of hosting that you are using for your website.


Problems too Many Plugins Cause for Your Site


#1 – The biggest problem you will notice whenever you have too many plugins on your site is that it could slow your site down. No one wants to wait for websites to load and Google’s John Mueller even recommends that your site should load under 3 seconds.


how many WordPress plugins are too much


If that doesn’t scare you enough and have you working on your site speed, you should know that mobile searchers are especially impatient. They don’t care why you have so many plugins on your site – they just want you to stop!


How many plugins are too many?


As many as slow your site to a crawl! lol




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#2 – Security issues are another concern when you download and use too many WordPress plugins. Every plugin that you use means another way hackers can get into your site.


You can use security plugins to help your site stay secure, but there we go again adding another plugin.


#3 – Site crashes can happen because of plugins are as well so make sure that you are careful what you load on your WordPress. Even popular plugins can cause issues with your site so every plugin you add increases risk.


Conclusion on How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Much?


If you notice that your site starts acting strange or slow after you add a plugin, that is a good sign that you need to uninstall that plugin.


You can also ask your hosting provider for a report on which plugins are using up the most resources so you don’t max out your bandwidth.


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