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The Top 3 Off-Page SEO Techniques This Year


SEO is more important than it has ever been. After the recent months of strife, local SEO has really been the shining light in many businesses’ marketing campaigns. However, off-page SEO is really taking off as better trends have been coming to the fore and really helping small businesses to grow.


SEO marketing is great for organic growth. Bringing new customers and clients to your website, showing them what you’re all about with your SEO content and superb product descriptions that capture great keywords, is all part and parcel of its effectiveness. Off-page SEO is the best of this, so let’s explore the top 3 trends in this area.



Content Worth Sharing


Shareable content is going to make local, regional, and possibly even national media outlets take notice of your brand. So you need to do a few things.


Know your audience. The younger generation do not use Facebook as much as the older generation. They use Instagram mainly, as well as TikTok so you should encourage sharing on the right platform of your content.


The content should be about personal connections. The consumer has rapidly shifted to no longer caring about things and brands. They want to be connected to people and stories.
Do a lot of competitor research. If a type of content is doing really well on a rival’s website, could you take that style or idea and make it work for your brand?


Hashtag and Groups


There are some customers of brands that only like some products. Making hashtags and groups for subsets of customers is a brilliant way to encourage off-site links. These are called ‘do-follow’ forums, which can be linked to at the end of SEO content or as part of the content.


Media outlets can link back to these groups, for certain articles that are for specific products. Say, for example, customers like your summer collection of clothes, but not any of the other seasons. You can use #Summer’*brand name*’ that link to every similar article, social media post, photo gallery, etc; of that type.


Reliable Information


Media outlets don’t want to be caught out posting an off-page link back to you if the information is not correct. Working with an SEO agency that is an expert in off-page linking, can help you to write and publish content that will make media brands feel comfortable linking to your page.


If you click here you can see a range of SEO services this particular company provides, one of them being off-page link-building. Search engines also want trustworthy content to link highly in their SERPs. This drives more traffic to your product pages, SEO content, and social media posts. Use off-page link-building for weekly marketing initiatives, but also, for product launches and special purposes.


Off-page linking is all about building up trust with media sources, welcoming customers from different parts of the internet, and boosting traffic to boost potential sales. Working with an SEO agency that can take charge of this side of your marketing needs, is a great way to make this year a success.


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