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5 Reasons Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

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Depending on the industry, open rates can be anywhere from 18% to 37%. Increasing your open rate can help increase your other metrics as well.


Does your email marketing strategy feel like it is a big flop?


Most people find themselves pretty frustrated when they are beginning their online marketing journey. Even when you become a seasoned marketer, it can be frustrating to get your email marketing act together. Continue reading this article as I talk with you about five reasons your email marketing strategy isn’t working.


1. Your Strategy Isn’t Really a Strategy


You can’t very well call it an email marketing strategy if you don’t have a strategy in place, now can you? Many people say they have an email marketing strategy when in fact their strategy is to throw it out there and hope that something sticks.


If you want to win with your email marketing, you need to have a plan.


  • When will you send emails?
  • To whom will you send emails?
  • How is your list segmentation?


There are so many questions to ask before you launch your email marketing campaign.


2. Not Understanding Your Target Market


Who are you talking to when you write these emails? You have to know who you are talking to be effective. If you are writing to anyone, then you are writing to no one. Knowing who you are talking to will allow you to personalize it.


For instance, with my blog here, I know I am talking to families that want more freedom and time to be together, travel their country and maybe even the world at some point. That is why everything that I write about helps people achieve that goal.


Fail to understand your target market at your own peril.


3. Less Than Clickable Subject Line


If your subject line is a snooze, you have to amp it up. If you can’t get people to open your emails, you don’t have a chance.


If you know who your target market is, it makes it much easier for you to get their attention because you know what they want to see and read. Don’t be afraid to be unique.


You don’t want to sound like every other email going through their inbox.


4. Poor Design in Your Emails


When people do get into your emails, how do they look? Design is important. If people are opening your emails to see plain, lazy and boring email, it is likely that they will unsubscribe or at least stop opening your emails.


You might even end up in the “read later” folder that no one goes back to.


5. They Don’t Recognize the Sender


If you are sending emails, make sure people are able to recognize the sender. If they signed up for Suzy’s Email Tips and you are sending it from Susan Smith, they aren’t going to know who you are. Since they don’t know who you are, they aren’t going to open your emails.


Don’t Bomb Your Campaign With Poor Planning


Don’t let poor email marketing strategy hold you back. Learn how to win with email marketing so you can create the life of your dreams going where you want to go whenever you want to go.


What is one thing you’ve learned about email marketing that has helped you? Share with me in the comments.



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