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Experiencing Headaches at Work? – Here’s Why

Headaches at Work

If you are someone who is prone to headaches, there is every chance that you are getting them at work more than anywhere else. Ensuring that you have a healthy working environment is important, but if your workspace is not good enough, you are going to deal with a lot of pain and issues and you don’t have to be!


Trying to work out the causes of your headaches is a headache in itself, but once you know what the triggers are you can start to build a healthier workplace and stop feeling pained all the time.


No one deserves to come home from work feeling as if they can’t manage for pain. It has a huge impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing, and this can impact your mental health as a result. Learning the triggers at work is going to help you to keep your job and be better at it at the same time. You will feel better and you’ll be able to work better, too. So, let’s talk through some of the reasons you’re dealing with headaches at work.


Failing to Follow Good Posture Guidelines


Sitting at work all day can cause you to strain your neck and upper back, especially when you haven’t assessed your workspace properly. Doing this too often is going to lead to tension headaches and chronic pain. Sitting for so long isn’t good for your spine, but your hunched shoulders and dipped head will cause muscle soreness and pulling that strains your neck. This then leads to awful headaches and you can avoid it by getting up and stretching every hour, and elevating your feet can help, too. Tension headaches can make you feel sick with the pain, and it’s not easy to handle.


Not Eating Breakfast Before Going to Work


Oh, believe it or not, skipping out the most important meal of the day is going to put you into a state of stress. Interrupting your metabolism is not the best way to start the day and not eating breakfast is going to increase your risks of obesity, high blood pressure, and heart issues – which exactly what you want to avoid.


All of those things are going to lead to bad headaches that can make your day to day life miserable. You don’t have to skip breakfast, you just have to be prepared and ensure that you have enough breakfast prepped for a week to grab and go.


You Have Eye Issues


A headache isn’t just caused by tension or posture, but your eyes, too. When was the last time that you had an eye exam, or bought from Eyeglasses.com to ensure that you had the right prescription? The wrong prescription is going to lead to eye strain, which can cause painful eye pain and headaches.


The right glasses will prevent this from happening, and it’s difficult to want to work when you have to stare at a computer screen all day and this is causing you pain. Getting booked in with your eye doctor is going to help you to avoid straining your eyes and this simple change could improve the way that you do things at work.


You’re a Fast Food Junkie


When you work all day, you find it easier to order fast food online for your lunch. These salt-laden meals may be responsible for your blood pressure going up and this can lead to headaches.


While ordering every now and then won’t hurt, too often and your highly processed meals are going to add weight and add the possibilities of more headaches and migraines. Pack a lunch for work and know exactly what goes into it, and get out to walk outside your lunch hour. Both of these things will help you out!


You’re Not Sleeping Well


Okay, so this one isn’t outwardly caused by your job, but if you are trying to focus on getting the job done and you’re doing this on very little sleep, your exposure to your screen is going to speed up that headache that you’re trying to avoid. Make sure that you give yourself a bedtime and get to sleep at a decent hour every night.


When you do this, you prevent yourself from getting “Screen Sick” and feeling headachy and nauseous simply by going to work on little sleep. Exhaustion is real and you will find headaches developing as a result of exhaustion if you’re not careful. When this translates over to your day job, you end up sitting in the office with a horrible headache!


Sick Building Syndrome


That artificial and recirculated air you’re breathing in while you work? That’s the air that is going to continue to give you headaches while you try to concentrate.


The air inside a building can be more toxic than the air outside, and when you are exposed to unhealthy gases all day, you are going to be breathing these in, causing you more headaches than are necessary. Throwing open the windows can help, as can getting air filters and getting out of the office as much as you can.


You’re Dehydrated.


It’s very easy to forget to remain hydrated in the office. You’re busy with your computer and meeting deadlines, and this leaves self-care by the wayside. However, hydration isn’t self-care; it’s a must for your comfort and survival!


Keep a refillable bottle with you to top up through the day, and you can keep on top of your water intake easily. Hydrated can help to prevent headaches and you will feel better as a result.


Tight Deadlines


Stress headaches are a number one factor for workplace pain! The stress you feel makes you clench your jaw, which leads to you feeling tense and grinding your teeth.


Those tight deadlines have to be a big stress for some and when this is the case, headaches are a result. Too much stress can lead to burnout, but before you get there, the stress headaches are the result.


If you’re dealing with headaches at work, check if these are the cause and get some help!


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