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Marketing Tips for Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Marketing Tips for Home Based Business

Once upon a time, home-based entrepreneurs were very few and far between. Most people who started a business would make it their mission, perhaps one of their very first priorities, to move out of the home and into an office environment as soon as possible; it was a sign that they had become successful, whereas working from home meant that they hadn’t yet hit the sales they needed to afford an outside office. 


Today this is not the case at all, and many entrepreneurs are actively choosing to work from home not because they have to, but because they want to. Yet when you work from home, marketing can be a little more difficult because you’re not out there in front of as many people as you might be if you had an office, a storefront, or even a sign-written vehicle. This is why it’s important to work out the best route for marketing for your business. Here are some marketing tips for home-based entrepreneurs to help you get started.


Website Design 

When you have no other means of being noticed, at least in the traditional sense, your website has to act as your storefront. It has to entice visitors in, convince them to buy, and give them value, just as your storefront would if you ran a business in a city that people could physically visit. 


This means that you have to pay a lot of attention to your website design. It needs to be classy, up to date, it needs to be easy to read, and contain enough information to help anyone who visits make their purchasing decisions quickly. 


You can no longer get away with a cheaply designed website that has just been quickly thrown together; the competition is too fierce, and your products are too important (and so if your profit) to let that happen. The better your website design, the more people are going to be happy visiting; they’ll return, they’ll spend time there, and ultimately they will buy from you. 



SEO – search engine optimization – isn’t something that you can just ignore any longer. It’s not just “nice to have” on your website; it’s essential. Or rather, it’s essential if you want to be noticed and make sales, and if you run a business, this is precisely what needs to happen. 


Since there is so much to learn about SEO, it’s not feasible for a business owner who already has so much to do to take this task on board too, but there are many excellent companies who specialize in SEO, including SunCity Advising, who can take on the work for you and ensure that it is done in the best possible way. 


Effective Content 


Content is no longer just the words on your website that you might use to describe your products or services. Content is now an effective marketing tool when used in the right way, and it is something that any home-based entrepreneur will definitely be able to include in their marketing ideas. 


Content can include text, images, and even video (in fact, video is a particularly good form of content, especially for those who don’t like to write much text or who feel their customers won’t want to read it). 


Rather than directly selling to customers, you can use your content to do so in a much less obvious way. This works by showing your prospects that you have all the knowledge they are looking for and by giving them as much information as you can. They will then know that you are the right business to go to when they are ready to buy because you have used your content to prove that you know exactly what you are talking about. 


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