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The Surefire Way to Become an Authority In Your Field

The Surefire Way to Become an Authority In Your Field

You want to become an authority in your field. There is no doubt about the benefits of being seen as an authority and thought leader in your chosen industry.


When people see you as an authority in your industry, it is easier to open doors. Whether you are landing a new client, job, appearance or speaking gig if people already know who you are and know that you know your stuff they are much more open to what you have to say.


You already know the benefits, but how do you become an authority in your field? How do you get your target market’s ear in a noisy world?


Tips for Becoming an Authority In Your Industry


1. Develop a Leadership Mindset


If you don’t have a leadership mindset, it is impossible to become an authority in your industry. You have to think about the industry as a whole vs. only you and your business if you want to lead the entire industry.


Attending leadership events in your industry, looking for new developments and innovations is a must. You also have to be willing to share what you’ve learned.


2. Put a Plan Into Place


Before you start moving forward with your authority marketing efforts, you need to have a sound plan in place.


The shotgun approach rarely works and is going to lead you to burn out and less than impressive results.


Figure out which social media platforms you are going to frequent as well as how many times per week you are going to blog. Some people blog once a month, some people once a day and some people still aren’t sure that blogging is a good use of their resources.


The standard is once per week and should keep you in the good graces of the fresh content part of the Google search algorithm.


3. Publically Address Changes in Your Industry


Keeping quiet when major changes happen in your industry is a sure sign that you are not an authority.


You need to be up on what is happening, and you need to share your opinions and best practices. If you remain quiet in these times, this is a great opportunity for other people to jump ahead of you and proclaim their own authority on the topic.


4. Always Be Learning


If you aren’t growing, you are shrinking, and you always want your knowledge and intuition to grow and develop. Even if you learn one new thing a day, week or a month, you will be well in front of most people that don’t take the time to learn.


The more you learn, the more you will be able to share. The more people learn from you, the more they see you as a leader and authority in the industry.


What are you going to do to show yourself as an authority in your industry? Leave your comments below and let us know.



  1. HI Jessica!

    What I am going to do to start being a leader and an authority in my niche is to keep growing and learning and intentionally be consistent in addressing changes in my industry. I know this will help me become the authority in my niche.

    Thanks for the tips here! They were truly helpful.

    • Jamie,

      Awesome. Thank you for stopping by and sharing what you are doing to advance yourself as an authority in your industry. Keep up the good work. 😀


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