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Why Are Keywords Important for a Successful Website?

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There have been a lot of changes to SEO in the last years, but one thing remains – Google loves quality content. So, what about keywords?


Are keywords important for a successful website and why?


If you’re new to online marketing, there is so much lingo to get used to. One of the terms you are going to hear a lot is “keyword” or “keyphrase.” You may be wondering, “Why are keywords important?”


Before you can understand why keywords would be important to your website, you need to understand more about what keywords are. Keywords are well… keywords that you want people and search engines to know your content is about.


For instance, in this post, my keyword is “why are keywords important,” and that is what I want you and anyone else to know this article is about. When you focus on a keyword, the search engines will also pick up that this is what your blog is about, so that is what makes keywords so important.


Why Are Keywords Important? Here’s Why – Keyword Research


Before writing a blog post, you need to do keyword research. You can do keyword research through keyword tools or through going to search engines like Google and seeing what some related terms are at the bottom of the search page when you type in your niche in the search engine.


You can make keyword research as complicated or simple as you want to make it but I like it somewhere in the middle.


I use a tool called Jaaxy that helps you figure out which keywords are being searched for, how much competition there is and which ones you might want to target for yourself.


You can try it out yourself in the window below if you like:



It is really easy to get lost in the keyword research part of things, but even if you pick a keyword and don’t rank for it, it is still good for your website’s content. The more high-quality content you have on your website, the better your rankings will be.


Inbound Marketing


Keywords are part of the inbound marketing strategy when you want to attract potential clients to your website. Whether you are selling a product or a service, you need to have a strategy in place that is going to allow you to get the results you want without stressing you out.


Inbound marketing with the proper keywords can allow you to set yourself up for passive income and we all know that passive income is like the holy grail! lol


So, have you tried keyword research? Do you understand why keywords are important? Leave a comment and share your experience.



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