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Setting Personal Business Goals: 7 Top Tips for Impactful Goal Setting

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Setting personal business goals shouldn’t be left for once a year. As you achieve a goal, you need to replace it with a new one.


If your business isn’t growing, it is dying. There is no stagnation. Continue reading, and we will talk about 7 top tips for impactful goal setting.


1. Setting Personal Business Goals


Before you start setting personal business goals, you need to know what you really want. While you probably have a goal in mind like buying a new car or a new house, but what are you willing to trade for it?


Are you willing to trade Friday night dinner with your family so you can add an extra room onto the house? Are you willing to make date night 2 hours instead of 4 so you can fit in extra schooling?


One of the exercises you can do to see what you really want is to get out a piece of paper and start writing down your things you would like to have or do as quickly as possible. This will give you an idea of where your head is. You want to try to get to 100 on your paper.


2. Start Writing Immediately


You need to write down your goals. There is no way around it. It’s fine to put it in your phone, but you need to keep your aim on the goal.


Keep yourself focused so that you keep working toward the goal.


Write it down at least once a day, so your mind knows that is still where you need to focus your energy.


Be determined when you write it. If you write with doubt and unbelief, that is going to transfer over to your mind, and you don’t want that.


3. Setting a Deadline for Your Goals


Set a deadline of when you will have your goal in your hand, but don’t beat yourself up if you are a little behind. Sometimes when you set personal business goals, you are a little ambitious for what you can really do. If you didn’t set them at all, that is when you wouldn’t get anywhere.


4. Break It Down to Increase Productivity


Whatever your goal is, you need to break it down. Break it down in a way that is going to help you gain the momentum you need to finish the project.


If you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere, you are likely to get tired and quit. You don’t want this to happen so break it down and give yourself small wins.


5. Focus on Fewer Goals


Sometimes we are like chickens with our heads cut off. We are running around confused and unaware of what we are doing.


A lot of times that is because we are trying to get so many different things at once. We are tiring ourselves out and keeping ourselves from getting to our goals because of lack of focus.


If you focus on fewer goals, you’ll be more likely to hit them faster.


6. Know Why You Want Your Goals


If you have a goal to get a fancy car, that’s one thing. If you have a goal to get a fancy car so that you can rub your ex’s face in it when you drive by, that is a whole other level of motivation.


You’ve got to make yourself want your goal so badly that nothing is going to stop you from achieving it.


7. “Be Careful What You Wish For”


In number one, you set your goals, but this is a reminder to double check what you truly want as well as checking your motivations.


If you wish for a big house to show your parents what a good provider you are and they both pass away, your motivation may be gone. You’ll be left with a big mortgage and lack of motivation.


Setting personal business goals should be more about you and less about others. This will allow you to stay focused no matter what is going on outside of you.


If you have a goal to make money online, it is a good idea to be around a community of people that can help you achieve that goal. Much of business is conducted online, and if you need help with it, you can see more on my Wealth Affiliate Review.



  1. These are some great tips. I am one of those who feels like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I am still new at working from home and I have really been struggling now that my daughters are on summer break.
    I don’t have a lot of goals other than to learn more about being an entrepreneur and making my business successful in order to help my husband out financially.
    I see you are a mom of 4 boys. Would you have any advice on how to put in the work needed on my business and do our motherly and wifey duties as well?
    “Be careful what you wish for” was I believe my most favorite out of the 7 tips. I have never looked at it like that, My parents aren’t my motivation, but my children and husband are.
    All of the tips will be of great use and I thank you for such great advice.

    • Lee Ann,

      My biggest weapon has been waking up and getting things done before anyone else is awake. I do go to bed about the same time as the kids now (lol). It works though because you can schedule everything important, get it done before everyone wakes up and then if you can do more later – great. If not, you’re good to go already. 🙂 I hope this helps!


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