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Trade Show Marketing Ideas to Take Your Trade Show Skills to the Next Level

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Tradeshows bring in billions of dollars for B2B companies.


When you book your business into a trade show, you need awesome trade show marketing ideas to get attention. There are many vendor options at most trade shows, so your company needs to have a unique selling proposition to get people interested in your service or product.


Continue reading to find out ways to get people engaged with your business through trade show marketing.


1. Engaging Displays


Having an engaging display is more important than you might think. An engaging display is like a beautiful book cover. While we say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we definitely do judge books by their covers.


Your “cover” or your display should be neat, tidy and eye-catching. There are even technologies that will allow you to set up 3-D displays that don’t need viewers to wear glasses. Imagine being able to have your product popped out in 3-D style without having to give out glasses.


2. Friendly Greeter


People visiting trade shows are more likely to come to your table if there is a friendly greeter. If you are afraid of talking to people and aren’t sure how to engage, you can hire a trade show host that will get people to come over to your table.


These people aren’t inexpensive so make sure that you prepare to pay. If you can develop the skills to talk with anyone, your trade show success rate will skyrocket.


3. Giveaways


Giveaways are always a great draw. Sometimes we miss the mark with our giveaways because we try to get cute or we are cheap. It doesn’t pay to be cute or cheap.


You need to be effective.


Electronics are a good bet when it comes to giveaways. Make sure you have the hottest product on the market if you want to get the most opt-ins.


Put Your Trade Show Marketing Skills Into Action


If you put these things into action, your trade show marketing ideas and results will be much better than if you left these things out.


While it may be a stretch to talk to people and get them to come over or it might be uncomfortable to spend a good amount of money on your giveaway, you have to take a risk to get the reward.


What are some ideas that you have about trade shows? Leave a comment and let us know.



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