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Should You Build Your Own Company Website?

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When building a company website, there are two options you can take: you can either pay an individual or company to build a website for you or you can build your own.


The latter option has become a lot more popular – especially considering that website builder tools like WordPress and Wix are very cheap and require no coding knowledge to use. However, building your own website could have drawbacks in certain cases. Below are just some of the questions to ask yourself to determine whether building your own site is the best option.


What’s Your Budget?


If you’re on a very tight budget, then it makes sense to build your own website. While website builder tools vary in price, they are almost always cheaper than hiring a web designer. In fact, the biggest cost may be buying a domain name.


If you know a friend with web design skills, then you may be able to get them to design a site for you at a reduced price without having to build it yourself. However, you need to be certain that they are truly qualified.


Who Is Your Target Market?


Self-built websites can sometimes run the risk of looking a little amateurish. They may also have a template feel to them. Most everyday consumers won’t pick up on this or simply won’t care – especially if you’re advertising a freelance service or a small company. However, if you’re marketing your services to high-end clients or tech-savvy people, your visitors may notice the quality.


Unless you have web design skills yourself, it may be a better option to hire a web design company when targeting high-end or tech-savvy consumers. This will ensure that your website is high quality and unique.


How Complex Does Your Website Need to Be?


Building a complex website from scratch – even with web design skills – is very hard. If your website isn’t going to be basic, consider whether you may be better off hiring specialist talent. This could involve looking into the best web design agencies to find a company that you trust with your proposal. With a team of professional designers working on your website, it will be easier to create something complex.


Of course, if you’re only looking to build something very simple, there may be no need to splash out on top tier talent. Websites advertising small local services rarely need to be complex and could be something you can easily build yourself. 


Do You Have the Time and Patience?


Even a simple website cannot be built in five minutes. If you’re planning to build your website yourself, you’ll need to be able to dedicate a few hours to designing it so that it looks right.


Not everyone will have the time or patience for this. Outsourcing a web designer might be a better option in these cases, allowing you to get on with tasks which may be more within your skillset. You can also hire professionals to manage your website for you, handling tasks such as maintenance and SEO


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