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In this GetResponse email marketing software customer review for 2018, I am going to go over important questions like:


What is GetResponse?


What is GetResponse pricing?


Is GetResponse good?


Is there a GetResponse free trial? (Yes, get 30 days for free here.)


Before committing to an email marketing software, you want to do your research and make sure you are choosing the right one. Reading a GetResponse email marketing software customer review like this one is a good first step. After all, the money is in the list. Yes, it is still in the list. Before we get into the GetResponse email marketing software customer review, let me tell you WHY the money is in the list because when I was first starting out, I didn’t understand at all and I hope I can help enlighten you in your journey as well.


<<You should know that some of the links in this GetResponse Email marketing software customer review are affiliate links but I (obviously since you can see it here on my website) use GetResponse and these are my findings after being an internet marketing professional for almost 20 years. Click here to see my disclosure. Thanks! – Jessica>>


Why Your Email List = $$$ Cha-Ching


You may have seen posts on the internet that says email marketing is dead but you shouldn’t believe that. The other day I got an email about a product I wasn’t even thinking about but I bought it through an email advertiser. Let’s look at why I did this and it will help you understand why your subscribers are going to do this too.


Here I am, checking my email. I had finished with some work I had to get done and I was going to go over some of my marketing strategies after looking through my email.


A catchy subject line caught my attention.


Why was it catchy? Because it solved a challenge I had. What did I do? I clicked the email to find out more.


Once inside the email (which was short and to the point), I saw it did indeed help me so I clicked buy and bought right away.


Something to think about is that I could have been one of the thousands that had been emailed but probably a small percentage that bought so don’t expect to send an email to your list and have everyone buy. You may only have 10 percent or even 1 percent of the people that open your email buy from you, but let’s look at some numbers.


Let’s say that you have a list of 1,000 subscribers you have built over time through content marketing and having them opt-in on your website. You’ve kept a good relationship with them by continuously providing value. You send an email out with a sales link. For each sale, you are going to make $100. 1{ba8cfd4c6840b585abbfde51fb1062f83fd12e192cd1904cfb5794cc8545e25e} of your subscribers purchase your product or service. That’s 10 people that purchased and $100 per sale and that makes $1,000 in sales commissions for you. That’s $1,000 for sending an email if you want to simplify it.


As you can see from this example, this is a very scalable and profitable model if you understand how to do it properly.


One of the things I like about GetResponse is that when you get started with their service they take you through a course to help you learn email marketing (this is for free). I have seen other courses that weren’t even this good that sold for hundreds if not even thousands of dollars so if you got the course without the service, you’d still come out ahead. Now let’s get into the GetResponse email marketing software customer review.


Things You Must Know


If you’re a newbie to email marketing, you are probably going to see a lot of terms you don’t understand. You are probably going to see a lot of strategies you might not understand. If you continue learning and stay the course, these things will eventually make sense, but give yourself a break as you are learning everything.


GetResponse Email Marketing Software Customer Review – What Does GetResponse Offer?


GetResponse doesn’t only offer email marketing. It is an all-in-one online marketing platform to grow your business offering:


  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation

Email Marketing with GetResponse


Even if you are a complete newbie to email marketing, GetResponse has an easy to use interface. I find the drag and drop email editor to be extremely helpful since I have no desire to learn any more  HTML than needed (lol).


The autoresponders do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Think about setting up an email series that will go out over the week you are at the beach and you do not have to do anything. Freedom anyone?


If you are a data nerd like me then you will love the advanced analytics. You will be able to see:


  • Real-time activity
  • Mobile view stats
  • Email comparison
  • Real-time ROI
  • Autoresponder stats
  • Contact stats
  • Social sharing stats
  • One-click segmentation
  • Smart reporting
  • Global view


While these online marketing terms may sound foreign to you right now, you should know that you will begin to understand them more and more as you get familiar with the online marketing world.


Take it one step at a time and you’ll be further than you would have been next month if you hadn’t taken any steps.


Webinars with GetResponse


The webinar platform is easy to use with GetResponse. I’ve held my fair share there but honestly, webinars are not my greatest definition of freedom. I really don’t feel like holding them. lol If you want it though, this is a simple platform that will help you achieve those. ?


  • Customize your webinar URL with a title
  • Use the advanced date and time picker for flexible scheduling
  • Password protect option available
  • SSL-encrypted URLs (this means they are safe from hackers)
  • Email invites and reminders
  • Desktop, smartphone or tablet joins
  • Record your webinars
  • Engage with your audience


As I said, good stuff. Just not what I want. :-p


Landing Pages with GetResponse


Want to have a snazzy landing page like the people you buy things from?


GetResponse offers mobile responsive landing pages. It’s simple to set up:


  • Select a template
  • Customize the page
  • Click to publish




Marketing Automation with GetResponse


The robots are taking over and it is the end of the world. Nah. It’s an easier world though.


  • Scoring & tagging
  • Web event tracking
  • Cart abandonment
  • Automation segmentation


There are plenty of cool features available to automate your marketing so know when you are ready for it, it is there with GetResponse and not a price that will break your budget like some of the other autoresponder systems.


Is GetResponse Good?


I told you I would answer the question, “Is GetResponse good?”


In my book, I have to say that yes, GetResponse is good.




  1. Ease of use
  2. Free education
  3. Fair price
  4. Quick customer service
  5. Function
  6. Options


I could go on with this list but the best thing to do is for you to check out the free 30-day trial and see for yourself.

What Is GetResponse pricing?


Depending on what your marketing goals are and what you want, the GetResponse pricing is going to be different. Another thing that determines the GetResponse pricing is whether you pay monthly or you pay through a 12-month period (18{ba8cfd4c6840b585abbfde51fb1062f83fd12e192cd1904cfb5794cc8545e25e} off) or 24-month (30{ba8cfd4c6840b585abbfde51fb1062f83fd12e192cd1904cfb5794cc8545e25e} off).


Email Marketing with GetResponse


  • List size: 1,000 = $15/mo
  • List size: 2,500 = $25/mo
  • List size: 5,000 = $45/mo
  • List size: 10,000 = $65/mo
  • List size: 25,000 = $145/mo


There are other options available that give you the other features (landing pages, webinars, crm, etc).


To get the free email marketing certification you’ll need to choose the pro option which is the $49/mo option. This marketing course is designed to help you gain your first email subscribers, so you can start seeing the benefits of GetResponse email marketing software.


Email Marketing with GetResponse Email Marketing Software


Once you have your GetResponse email marketing software, there are a few steps key steps you need to take.


  1. Create a Freemium (Giveaway)
  2. Create an opt-in form
  3. Install your opt-in form
  4. Create an autoresponder series


Creating a Freemium (Giveaway)


I am sure you have been on the receiving end of a giveaway. You’ve most likely entered your email address to get a free report, get access to a certain part of course, etc. All of these giveaways had one purpose and that purpose was to get your email.


When you are creating a giveaway, you need to make sure it is something your website visitors are going to be able to use or learn right away. You can give white papers, ebooks, infographics, checklist and any other valuable content that is able to be delivered digitally.


Creating Your Opt-In Form


Once you have your giveaway determined, you need to go into your GetResponse email marketing software account and go to your forms.  There is a wizard that will help you create your opt-in form and if you get stuck, you can use the live chat to help you through the process. This is the part where you need to connect it with your free giveaway so it is automatically delivered.


Installing Your Opt-In Form


Depending on the kind of opt-in form you created, there will be a different means of installing it. Once you create your opt-in form you are going to get instructions on how to install it.


Creating an Autoresponder Series


You want to keep in contact with your new subscribers. Continue to give them massive value throughout the first week. You can give them extra tips and tricks that will help them or you can make a video series. Whatever it is, make sure that you offer value and aren’t pitching them your product or service. If you make your autoresponder series a pitch fest, you are likely to lose a lot of your new subscribers.


Get Response Email Marketing Software Review – It’s Time to Get to Work


Now that you’ve read through my GetResponse email marketing software customer review, you have more of an understanding of how Getresponse works, what GetResponse pricing is and how it can help you and your business with its marketing efforts.


  1. Get Your 30-day Free Trial of GetResponse
  2. Create your freemium
  3. Create your opt-in form
  4. Create your autoresponder series


Now you are good to go and I hope you enjoyed this Getresponse email marketing software customer review.


Grab Your GetResponse Free 30 Day Free Trial Now


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