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The Best Time to Post on Instagram for More Engagement

The Best Time to Post on Instagram for More Engagement

With over 1 billion users logging into Instagram each month, you should probably be on the platform – right? And maybe learn the best time to post on Instagram for more engagement?


Whether you’re selling beauty products, crafts, cars or any other wares, there are people on the platform that have their credit cards at hand and are ready to buy.


If you’re posting on Instagram and you’re not getting traction, you might be ready to throw in the towel. If you’re not posting at the right time, this could be a major reason that your Instagram strategy is bombing.


While Instagram did do an update that allows you to see posts that you’re likely to be most interested in when you log in, the recency of the post does have a lot to do with what you see in the feed. For instance, if you log in at 3 pm and one of your friends posts at 8 am and the other posts at 2 pm – you’re most likely going to see the one that posted more recently first.


You may see guides online that tell you when the best time to post on Instagram is but the thing is – they don’t know your audience. Your audience could be very different than their own.


You have to know who you’re posting to and when they are online.


The Best Time to Post on Instagram for More Engagement – the 411


the best time to post on instagram clock


If you’ve already been posting on Instagram, you have a lot of data that can help you make decisions on good times for you to post. You will need to comb through data and do all of the work manually which can be annoying but it will work if you record the information neatly so you can review it later.


I’ve personally made quite a few changes in my focus since I’ve been posting on Instagram so I am undergoing a whole reboot. I unfollowed a bunch of people and also booted a bunch of people off my Instagram so my engagement rate is going up.


If you have a big follower count but you don’t have a lot of people that are engaging, the percentage of people that engage with you vs. don’t engage with you can hurt you.


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Where Is Your Audience Located?


where is your instagram audience


Before you post, look at your Google analytics and see where most of your visitors are coming from. In my case, most of you are in America or in Canada.


Since most of you are from America or Canada, I know that most of you are in the Eastern time zone since more people live there than any other time zone in the US and CA.


This is why a lot of my content is delivered at 6am via email. I would also do this with Instagram but what I found through research is that’s not the best time to get the most engagement.


A lot of you like to check out my Insta ( @jessicalaurenvine ) between 10 am to 1pm depending on the day.


I have to tell you that I didn’t do this research on my own. I had tools to help me. One of those tools is Tailwind. You’ve likely seen me posting about Tailwind more than once and that’s because it works and makes my life so much easier.


I can go into my dashboard and see which posts performed the best in terms of engagement and see what time it was that I posted it and many other great pieces of information.


Screenshot from Tailwind about best time to post


Apparently, ya’ll like to see quotes and my face. Thanks for that because those are two of my favorite things too… hahahha


Now look at the engagement on these and then look at the time. Like I said – around 10 am and 1 pm.


If was posting all of my comment at 8 pm, I wouldn’t be getting as good of results, right?


The good news? The good news is that you don’t have to try to do all of the data analysis by yourself either.


You can get a free trial of Tailwind and see how it works yourself. But if you want to do this all manually, you definitely can. It just takes a lot of time.


One of the other things that I love about Tailwind is that it creates an auto-schedule for you so it’s very easy to maintain whether you want to do 1,2,3 or more posts per day. You can even reschedule popular content if you want to give it a go again.


Don’t even get me started on the hashtag finder that makes life so much easier.


I’m a big fan – obviously!


If you want to post the right time on Instagram every day of the year for YOUR specific account and YOUR specific audience then Tailwind is where it’s at.


Get your free trial here or you can view the Instagram webinar that is super awesome here.


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop a comment or question below.


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