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5 Best Inspiring Motivational Books to Progress to the Next Level


Reading inspiring motivation books is a great way to keep yourself going when your plans haven’t gone as expected and an even better strategy when everything is going perfectly.


If you prepare for the rough times, they won’t seem so rough when they arrive. Let’s look at five of the best inspiring motivational books that will help you go to the next level.


Think & Grow Rich


I was in my twenties before I found out about this book. I wish I would have found it when I was a kid because of its ability to help you achieve things that seem to be impossible. When I first read the book, all of the foreign concepts didn’t make much sense to me.


“Think” and grow rich. What is that even supposed to mean. I want to take my business to the next level. How is thinking supposed to help me do that? Whatever. That’s stupid.


I was desperate, however, so I kept reading.


After getting into the book and deep diving, I finally understood what it meant. Our thoughts steer our decisions, and our decisions shape our reality. Every choice that we make means we’ve gone one way vs. another and that changes our lives.


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The 5 Second Rule


Another amazing book that gives you the tools to take it to the next level is the 5 Second Rule. When I read the 5 Second Rule, I actually listened to it through audio. I love the way Mel Robbins explains things and tells her stories.


The five-second rule is a powerful technique that allows you to get your brain in gear with what you know you need to do – RIGHT NOW!


There are many applications to the rule and Mel talks about them in the book. I would suggest getting the audiobook if you are going to get this one.


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The Obstacle Is the Way


This book gave me a whole new outlook on obstacles. Instead of being frustrated when I see obstacles now, I get excited. If I see the obstacle, I know what I need to overcome to get what I want.


If we don’t see the obstacle, how do we know where we are supposed to go to get what we want? We’re lost in the dark! Who knows what is going on?


I also listened to this one and loved the stories Ryan told. There is something about hearing it straight from the person that experienced it instead of imagining it in your voice.


I’ve been through this book multiple times as well as getting the thoughts into my head and adopting them.


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Tools of Titans


Tools of Titans is a beast of a book by Tim Ferris. It’s not laid out where you have to read the whole thing. It’s more things Tim has learned that has thought would be helpful to others.


It is a compilation of techniques, stories, and principles he has learned from hundreds of other people that are giants in their fields.


I’ve barely made a crack in the book, but have been able to pull out some amazing things to apply to my everyday life. One of the things it brought me back to was morning pages.


I had been doing morning pages, but I then stepped away for whatever reason, but after his explanation of the benefits, I am back at it and consistent. It’s changed my life and allowed me to operate as a better human.


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Abundance Now


Lisa’s stories and insight are so inspiring that I had felt my heart come up in my throat plenty when I was reading it. This book helped me see that no matter where I came from, what I had or didn’t have, etc., that I was going to be ok. That I could win at life.


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Even if you only pick up one of these books, it will be life-changing.


Share in the comments if you’ve read one of these books or if you’re going to get one so others can learn as well.



  1. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your list of motivational books which changed your life and your perspectives. As for me, Think and Grow Rich was a revelation and I was 27! I wish I read it when I was a teenager! It opened a new world tome and I started to set up strategies to be win in life. Another life changing book for me was Automatic Wealth by Michael Masterson, as far as making money and business is concerned because it really changed my vision of wealth and money. Good job you did!

    • You’re most welcome. I will check out Automatic Wealth. I think I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t read it. Ok. I bought it on Kindle… lol 🙂 I am teaching my kids as much as possible from these books because a good foundation is so important.

  2. Jessica, thank you for this list!! I have read The 5-Second Rule and loved it – glad to know we agree on that!

    I listen to books on audio since I never sit still long enough to read the hard copy, so I bought “Abundance Now” and “Think and Grow Rich” on Audible. I’m sad that “Tools of the Titans” isn’t available right now on audio, so I’ll keep that one on the back burner & hope they convert it soon….or maybe I’ll have to slow down a bit in order to read it!!!

    • Rita,

      Hey girl. I hope your enjoy the books! They are constant re-reads for me! Also, Tools of Titans is about the size of a Bible… lol It is best used to work on a specific part of your life and has small sections (2-3 pages) by various people so you can pick it up for 10-15 minutes and grab something new to implement in one of the 4 areas it covers. $$$ being my fav. hahah

  3. Thank you for listing the books that made a real difference in your life. As I was reading through the descriptions one book in particular resonated with me. That book is the one titled The Obstacle is the Way. I like the idea of facing problems, although I have not always been this way. I think this book would be a good read. I have taken note of the title and author name and will be reading/listening to it soon.
    Your other book suggestions sound great too! I will probably be back to your site for more inspiration.
    Have a great day!

    • I am glad that you found this list of inspiring motivational books helpful. There are many more I could have added and I will probably make a longer list that I can continue to update because each of these books continue to change my life allow me to create the reality of my dreams. I look forward to seeing you back here. 🙂

  4. Hey Jessica,

    Good choices for books! I’ve read… half of these books lol.
    I’ll definitely check out 5 Second Rule since I have a huge problem with procrastination. My brother just finished reading Tools Of The Titan’s so I think I may just borrow that. Tim Ferris is the first person I’ve followed that made money with affiliate marketing. Always a good read!

    Happy bloggin’!


    • Wilson,

      Procrastination sometimes is a signal to us to look at our current strategies regarding what we are doing, but many times it is just a way for us to keep from doing what we know we should. I hope you enjoy the books. 😀

  5. I love motivational books and have read a few in the past.  None of the ones you mentioned and I don’t even remember the titles if I wanted to read them again.  That’s the problem with the library, you have to give them back.

    There are 2 that stand out for me; The 5 second rule and obstacles in the way

    The 5 Second Rule and Obstacles in the way.  When there are obstacles in may way and there are more than one, they really frustrate me and can ruin part of a day.

    Awesome thx

    • Stew,

      The Obstacle is the Way really helped me with my mindset and the way that I approached challenges. I would totally go through it. The audio doesn’t take long at all.


  6. Hey Jessica, nice post. I love how you mentioned all of the books that are needed to succeed; I wish I had’ve been reading and/or knew about those books because I think I would have a better concept how to handle certain business affairs like what affiliate marketing consisted of and the link. 

    How many of those books have you read and what can you tell me about them? However, your post was awesome. Keep up the good work.

    • RJ,

      Yes, it definitely does help with business and understanding life.

      I’ve read all of these books and they are amazing. I will be writing book reviews soon so keep an eye out for them. =)


  7. Thank you for the reviews on these books!

    I personally haven’t read any of these although have heard great things about Think and Grow Rich, and The 5 Second Rule. 

    My two all time favourite personal development books are the Compound Effects, and You area Badass (this one particularly was amazing on audio!) 

    I will definitely have a look at Anundance Now and The Obstacle I’m the Way. Thank you for the recommendations! 

    All the best


    • Christine,

      Oh yes! I love those two books too. I have the Compound Effect and You Are a Badass on audio and they do rock!

      I hope you find one of the books helpful. 🙂


  8. Think and Grow Rich never grows old I think. It has such valuable lessons in it that are still applicable. I’ve seen there is a newer version which applies everything in it to the current time. Have you seen that one? Might be worth reading it too. I’ll have to check out the other books you mentioned. I noticed you also have some Tony Robbins books on your page. Have you watched the documentary about him on Netflix? So inspirational.

    • Petra,

      I have seen a lot of different types now but I haven’t bought any of them. It might be worth a read. It couldn’t hurt. lol

      As for the Tony Robbins documentary, oh yeah! I am Not Your Guru was awesome. I enjoy the energy from Tony Robbins and his crew.

      Thanks for weighing in.


  9. Thank you for sharing this article on inspiring motivational books. By reading motivational books alone, one can improve and changed their lives to the better. This is one of the  reason why I like reading inspiring motivational books, it could be very useful to someone who is looking for some kind of enlightenment from someone who have undergoing some sort of stress, struggle anf sacrifice.

    • Glenda,

      So true. While motivational books alone are not going to give you everything you need to succeed, they are a definite help to putting you in a mindset that will allow you to perform. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Interesting list of books and your descriptions of what they are about help to let someone know if they are interested in reading it or not.

    I have read Think and Grow Rich several times and agree that motivational books give the reader some ideas as to what they can work on; then it is up to the person to get busy!

    Have not heard of the other books on your list, they sound interesting and worth taking a closer look at them. Thanks for the information and sharing your experiences.

    Have a great day!


    • Chad,

      Thank you for stopping by and I am glad that you liked the post. These books have been extremely helpful and I will be doing book reviews soon to make it easier for people to find a personal development book that is right for them. 🙂



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