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Automatic Wealth by Michael Masterson Review

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I read Automatic Wealth by Michael Masterson on Kindle, but you may choose to read it in another format. Either way, my thoughts on the book remain true. lol


Who Should Read This Book?


Anyone that wants to improve their financial well-being and is willing to work for it should read this book.


Why Read This Book?


Learn concrete strategies for building wealth and financial freedom in less than 40 years and closer to 7 to 15 years instead.


My Biggest Takeaways from the Book


I have to tell you that some of the books are a little dry because of its matter of fact how-to information, BUT if you can read through those parts, you will come out much wiser on wealth strategies.


1) Starting a side business isn’t as risky as people make it seem. – In the book, I love how he breaks down how to start a side business with very little risk. You hear about 80% of small businesses failing, and he explains why that is in the book and how to avoid it. I love that!

2) Money can be made from smart real estate investments in various ways. – I thought there was basically one way to make money with real estate by fixing and flipping the properties, but he goes into further information about how to cash in on real estate in every market.

3) You don’t want to retire fully. – I can tell you that this is so true. At 24 and 25, my husband and I semi-retired and were not only bored out of our minds but were also unfulfilled.

There are many other great points with this book, but you’ll have to dig in yourself to find them. 😉


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  1. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this info on Michael Masterson I have heard of him a few  times recently so this comes in handy as well. Plus great that you can get this on Kindle through Amazon which is a great bonus as well.

    I have heard that he never took any business type classes or courses yet he has managed to help some many people become successful either as individuals or as a business. 

    Goes to show that you don’t always need those qualification to be successful but really want to achieve by going forward and believing in yourself and the persistence will show the great results in life as it did for Michael and many others.

    I might check out more of his works and hopefully there will be more on Kindle as I love using this.

    Thank you Jessica

    Wishing you every success available to you,


    • Andre,

      Thanks for spending some time on my site. It is nice to hear from you.

      You’re 100% that you don’t always have to have a certain type of education. If it works for you – great. If it isn’t then – that’s okay too. Not everyone needs to take the same path.

      I was homeschooled k-12 and got my highschool dimploma. I’ve taken plenty of courses but no official college courses.

      Great to hear from you and look forward to connecting further. =)

  2. Hi and thanks for this interesting post. It’s always inspiring to read tips from genuine people that have real success in different aspects of business. Thank you for sharing this and if I can ask you. Who would be your top 5 most inspiring businesses entrepreneurs? It seems you have done some great things yourself. Thanks for sharing on your site. Kenny

    • Kenny,

      You’re most welcome. Great to hear from you. As far as inspiring business entrepreneurs… there are so many! Some big names like Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Gary V and some smaller names that are in my close circle. I always read information from the “big dogs” but I also like to hear from other people that may not be so far along in their journey.


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