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How To Pick The Best Content For Your Business SEO

Best Content for Business SEO

The effectiveness of SEO – when done effectively – neatly explains why people are prepared to pay good money for specialists to overhaul their online presence. It has become more or less expected that a business, large or small, will adopt the tenets of SEO to ensure that their website gets the leads it needs, and converts as they want it to.


A major part of why SEO Is so successful has to do with how far-ranging it is. If you weren’t paying attention, it would be easy to assume that the concept is simply about placing keywords on a page or getting backlinks from other sites. While these are both elements of a successful SEO strategy, they are only elements. To be effective, SEO has to be comprehensive – and that means you can’t ignore elements such as content marketing.


Each site, when getting an SEO overhaul, should by definition be adding content to its pages. If done well, this will draw traffic to the site, keep it there, and convince people to observe a call to action. It’s all-important, then, that you pick the right content – and below, we’ll look into what can work for specific types of business.


Who Can Benefit from Video Content?


Video content was, once upon a time, the future. It was believed that it would slowly drive out most written content on a range of sites, but it never really managed this because some concepts are inherently visual and benefit from video clips, and some are not (and don’t).


If your business is something where the finished product is best illustrated by photography, then video content is beneficial. So if you’re a builder, you can do time-lapse content of a wall being built; if you’re a painter, show how you get from bare walls to a finished room. Video content can be posted to YouTube, and people will come to your site from there.


Who Benefits Most from Written Content?


Written content is the best way to communicate finer details and more abstract concepts. If you’re concerned with marketing for pawn shops, for example, it is useful to have articles on the site that outline where items derive their value.


If your store has Civil War memorabilia or a slice of Americana like a plectrum that was used by Elvis or Little Richard, then you can feature articles about those periods in history, and grab the attention of readers who might then be ready to spend some money making those items their own. Written content is also ideal for placing keywords, so it helps on multiple fronts.


Is There a Place for Audio Content?


Audio content can play a big part in marketing if your target audience is the kind of people who enjoy “deep dives” – so if your site is a news aggregator, or your business is a bookshop, you’ll find a podcast to be a tremendous way of drawing in interested traffic.


Podcasting is a specific skill—you can be knowledgeable on a topic and an engaging speaker, but your podcast won’t likely take off unless you can make a conversation about it last 35-40 minutes. You’ll also find audio content engages more people if there are at least two people speaking on the podcast; if it feels like a lecture, it doesn’t work as well.

Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest Pricing

Tailwind Pricing

With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram and 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest, your business can grab plenty of attention from these audiences even without spending money on ads.


You may have come across Tailwind as a way to use in both your Instagram and Pinterest marketing methods. Continue reading to find out exact pricing for Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest.


Tailwind Pricing: How Much Does Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest Cost?


After writing articles on Tailwind for Instagram and how to grow get traffic using Pinterest, everyone has been asking how much Tailwind costs to use per month or how much Tailwind costs to use if you pay annually. This post is going to answer all of your Tailwind pricing questions down to the nitty-gritty!


<<< So you know, I have some affiliate links in this post. If you click a link, I may get some cashola for telling you about this awesome product but at no cost to you. B-) Enjoy! Full Disclosure here. >>>


Ok, so here’s the good news! You can totally get a FREE Trial of Tailwind. Click here to get your free account. <—- No credit card required.


Now that you have your free account, let’s talk about what you get with that free trial.

  • 20 posts per month on Pinterest & Instagram
  • 20 Tailwind Create posts
  • 5 Tailwind communities


For small business owners or solopreneurs like me, let’s focus on the paid plans and see which one might be the best option for you.


Tailwind Pricing


Let’s look at some of the important differences in these plans:


Pro Plan:


  • 1 Pinterest profile
  • 1 Instagram profile
  • 100 posts/mo
  • 200 social posts/mo
  • 5 Tailwind communities


Advanced Plan:


  • 2 Pinterest profiles
  • 2 Instagram profiles
  • 1,000 posts/mo
  • Unlimited social post designs
  • Unlimited Tailwind communities


Max Plan:


  • 3 Pinterest profiles
  • 3 Instagram profiles
  • Unlimited posts/mo
  • Unlimited Tailwind communities


To get the free account of Tailwind, you have to use your Pinterest or Instagram account to sign up. Your accounts will be linked and you can see limited analytics if you only have the free plan or PLUS plan.


tailwind for pinterest and instagram


What Else Do You Have to Pay for With Tailwind for Pinterest?


There are some pretty cool things you add to your Pinterest Tailwind account.


There is a cool feature within Tailwind called Tribes. These tribes are other Tailwind users that are committed to helping each other build their Pinterest followings.


Tailwind tribes are pretty neat.


tailwind tribesDifferent Tailwind tribes have different rules but most require you to repin 2 other pins for every 1 pin that you add. Using Tailwind tribes allow you to reach audiences outside of your own so you can get more traffic and people that didn’t know about you or your product before can learn about you.


You get 5 tribes included in your Tailwind PLUS membership and you can post up in Tribes per month. (Do not get this confused with how many pins you can post through Tailwind scheduler – that’s unlimited!)


You can get access to additional tribes, additional tribe submissions and you can even get unlimited tribes. These PowerUps cost anywhere from $59/yr to $359/yr.


You can also get everything for Pinterest (including the Smartloops that allows you a more set and forget strategy for Pinterest marketing) for $39.98/mo billed annually. I just found out about that option. Say what! UNLIMITED!? hahah.. yes, please!


get your Tailwind free trial


Time to check it out for yourself. Click here to get your free Tailwind account now. No credit card required.


How Much Does Tailwind Cost? And Is Tailwind Worth It?


If you’re asking, “Is Tailwind worth it?” …


…It’s FREE—to get started. Don’t delay because the power of Tailwind can finally help you start getting traction with your blog. SEO can take some time but you need blog traffic now.


Pinterest and Instagram are a great way to start getting a flow of traffic even before your SEO strategies start working. Take 5 seconds and get your free account today.


The Top 3 Off-Page SEO Techniques This Year


SEO is more important than it has ever been. After the recent months of strife, local SEO has really been the shining light in many businesses’ marketing campaigns. However, off-page SEO is really taking off as better trends have been coming to the fore and really helping small businesses to grow.


SEO marketing is great for organic growth. Bringing new customers and clients to your website, showing them what you’re all about with your SEO content and superb product descriptions that capture great keywords, is all part and parcel of its effectiveness. Off-page SEO is the best of this, so let’s explore the top 3 trends in this area.



Content Worth Sharing


Shareable content is going to make local, regional, and possibly even national media outlets take notice of your brand. So you need to do a few things.


Know your audience. The younger generation do not use Facebook as much as the older generation. They use Instagram mainly, as well as TikTok so you should encourage sharing on the right platform of your content.


The content should be about personal connections. The consumer has rapidly shifted to no longer caring about things and brands. They want to be connected to people and stories.
Do a lot of competitor research. If a type of content is doing really well on a rival’s website, could you take that style or idea and make it work for your brand?


Hashtag and Groups


There are some customers of brands that only like some products. Making hashtags and groups for subsets of customers is a brilliant way to encourage off-site links. These are called ‘do-follow’ forums, which can be linked to at the end of SEO content or as part of the content.


Media outlets can link back to these groups, for certain articles that are for specific products. Say, for example, customers like your summer collection of clothes, but not any of the other seasons. You can use #Summer’*brand name*’ that link to every similar article, social media post, photo gallery, etc; of that type.


Reliable Information


Media outlets don’t want to be caught out posting an off-page link back to you if the information is not correct. Working with an SEO agency that is an expert in off-page linking, can help you to write and publish content that will make media brands feel comfortable linking to your page.


If you click here you can see a range of SEO services this particular company provides, one of them being off-page link-building. Search engines also want trustworthy content to link highly in their SERPs. This drives more traffic to your product pages, SEO content, and social media posts. Use off-page link-building for weekly marketing initiatives, but also, for product launches and special purposes.


Off-page linking is all about building up trust with media sources, welcoming customers from different parts of the internet, and boosting traffic to boost potential sales. Working with an SEO agency that can take charge of this side of your marketing needs, is a great way to make this year a success.