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How To Pick The Best Content For Your Business SEO

Best Content for Business SEO

The effectiveness of SEO – when done effectively – neatly explains why people are prepared to pay good money for specialists to overhaul their online presence. It has become more or less expected that a business, large or small, will adopt the tenets of SEO to ensure that their website gets the leads it needs, and converts as they want it to.


A major part of why SEO Is so successful has to do with how far-ranging it is. If you weren’t paying attention, it would be easy to assume that the concept is simply about placing keywords on a page or getting backlinks from other sites. While these are both elements of a successful SEO strategy, they are only elements. To be effective, SEO has to be comprehensive – and that means you can’t ignore elements such as content marketing.


Each site, when getting an SEO overhaul, should by definition be adding content to its pages. If done well, this will draw traffic to the site, keep it there, and convince people to observe a call to action. It’s all-important, then, that you pick the right content – and below, we’ll look into what can work for specific types of business.


Who Can Benefit from Video Content?


Video content was, once upon a time, the future. It was believed that it would slowly drive out most written content on a range of sites, but it never really managed this because some concepts are inherently visual and benefit from video clips, and some are not (and don’t).


If your business is something where the finished product is best illustrated by photography, then video content is beneficial. So if you’re a builder, you can do time-lapse content of a wall being built; if you’re a painter, show how you get from bare walls to a finished room. Video content can be posted to YouTube, and people will come to your site from there.


Who Benefits Most from Written Content?


Written content is the best way to communicate finer details and more abstract concepts. If you’re concerned with marketing for pawn shops, for example, it is useful to have articles on the site that outline where items derive their value.


If your store has Civil War memorabilia or a slice of Americana like a plectrum that was used by Elvis or Little Richard, then you can feature articles about those periods in history, and grab the attention of readers who might then be ready to spend some money making those items their own. Written content is also ideal for placing keywords, so it helps on multiple fronts.


Is There a Place for Audio Content?


Audio content can play a big part in marketing if your target audience is the kind of people who enjoy “deep dives” – so if your site is a news aggregator, or your business is a bookshop, you’ll find a podcast to be a tremendous way of drawing in interested traffic.


Podcasting is a specific skill—you can be knowledgeable on a topic and an engaging speaker, but your podcast won’t likely take off unless you can make a conversation about it last 35-40 minutes. You’ll also find audio content engages more people if there are at least two people speaking on the podcast; if it feels like a lecture, it doesn’t work as well.


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