Welcome on the Riser


You’re on the rise and I really look forward to where we are going together. :0)

You’ve already got some knowledge and action under your belt so that’s amazing.

Your site is up and running and you’re even getting some traffic – but not enough! Where is the traffic?? Where is the love??

It’s ok! I totally understand and have been thereeeee!

One of the things that helped me as I was on my journey is an online school called Wealthy Affiliate.

They were a major part of my journey going from clueless to cashing in. lol

Now I have my hosting through them and stay in the know with all of the goodies there. Every Friday night there is ongoing training that shows the latest and greatest.

You can even get a basic account there for free so make sure to check that out. I’ll see you there and/or in the next email.

Let’s rock!