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Stop Letting the Lack of Money Ruin Your Life

lack of money doesn't stop us anymore

I used to hear that the love of money was the root of all evil but for me, I’ve always believed that the lack of money was the root of all evil.



Marriages ended because of fights over money because of the lack of money, friends and family stopped talking because one or the other couldn’t afford to pay each other back and that’s just the beginning. I remember being a kid and hearing about how the love of money was so bad and I knew — I was in trouble!


When I got to be an adult, I wanted to have plenty of money. It wasn’t all so I could buy clothes and a cool car. I also wanted to be able to help my parents who had always done things for other people and rarely saw anything back from it. I wanted to be able to do nice things for my friends and family.


Without money, I was just another person sitting around complaining about my situation and I didn’t like the thought of that. I’m a get off your butt and do something about it kind of person.


Common Reasons People Experience the Lack of Money


I’ve found there are two main reasons why people fail at money. Two main reasons why people spin their wheels and oftentimes give up and succumb to living a life that is less than what they dream of.


1. They Don’t Know How to Earn More


If you’re not willing to give up your current lifestyle but you’re going into debt deeper and deeper, you’ve gotta learn how to earn more money.


Many people think that working more hours is going to get them to where they want to be but this usually isn’t the answer. If that’s all you can do then — do it, but most of the time that isn’t going to cut it.


Investing in yourself with strategic education can help you climb the ladder at work or help you advance in your business. You have to be willing to put it into action though and many people simply aren’t willing to do it.


I’ve been there where I’ve been so afraid to step outside of my self-imposed limitations. I’ve been there when I’d fallen down so much that I just didn’t think I had the energy to give it another go.


You’ve got to stop letting yourself get lost under the weight of your past mistakes. Go with your gut and ask for the pay raise, ask about how you can get the promotion. If you don’t ask, you’re never going to know.


People want to work with people that are motivated and ready to go to the next level. Why would someone want to pull you to success when there are so many people out there that are willing to fight for it?


If you aren’t motivated to earn more money and to figure out how to do it, that just means that there isn’t really anything that you want right now. The lack of money alone isn’t going to cut it. You have to have something that really excites you and makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and outside of your comfort zone.


The most simple way for me to tell you how to make more money is to become more valuable — or even invaluable!! to your customers or your boss. When this happens, you’ll be able to earn more money than you ever imagined.


2. They Don’t Know How to Budget


When I say that I fought budgeting tooth and nail — I mean it. I didn’t even want to look at my bank account balance because it was terrifyingly close to zero. One wrong move and it was into negative land we go.




That had happened more than once so I am not being overdramatic about it. And before the banks were stopped from charging $25, $25, $25 over and over again each day, I had quite a bill wracked up.


Finally… FINALLY! I decided that it was better to look at it and take care of things than to pretend things weren’t as bad as they had become.


“I am going to create a budget and I am going to stick with it!” I told myself this multiple times before I actually ended up doing it but it was shocking to see exactly where my money was going each day, week and month.


I downloaded this app on my iPhone called Spending Tracker. I only half-tracked things the first couple of months which didn’t help very much but after that, I’ve been on it. Sept 2018 was my last month of living on a hope and prayer that I wasn’t going to overspend and come up short at the end of the month.


Let me say that I find it pretty frustrating and almost comical, in a sad way, that people love to make allowances for their not so smart financial decisions and lack of money. I can say that because — I did it too.


Saying things like, “I deserve this” when… well if we deserved it… we would have the money to buy it. #facepalm


Putting aside what we deserve and any other bull we’ve been feeding ourselves, what can we afford — really!


How much money are we going to make THIS month?


My practice is planning out the next month. I use google sheets and usually just copy the month from before and change out the numbers as I need to. Some months we might have dental expenses or other expenses that we did the month before but that month we might be able to save more or we have a birthday to buy gifts for or something.


I find giving myself a little variance each month makes the budgeting more bearable for me and it doesn’t feel like I’m still experiencing a lack of money.


If you’re not tracking what you’re bringing in and what you’re spending each month, you’re never going to get out of the rut you’re in. I get it — it’s freaking scary to look at where you are right now. But I’m so glad that I did and I know you would be too if you just trusted your ability to pull yourself up out of it.


That’s your homework. Get the Spending Tracker app or something similar to it and just look at what you’re doing each month. You don’t even have to change anything in the first month. It’s most important that you just KNOW where you are.


If you want to share your experience with us in the comments, feel free to because there are so many people just like you and just like me that have gone through these challenges.


stop letting the lack of money ruin your life


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