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How Much Do Lifestyle Bloggers Make?

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How much do lifestyle bloggers make? And what is a lifestyle blogger anyway?


A lifestyle blogger is someone that blogs about their life – often daily.


So, I found this epic article from Grant Sabatier over at Millennial Money. Dude made over $400,000 in a year with his blog side hustle.


That’s cray cray!


While it is true that lifestyle bloggers can make $1,000s, $100,000s and even $1,000,000, you should know it is NOT life a job.


You do not sit at your computer for 8 hours a day and collect a paycheck at the end of the week.


Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger or blogging on a niche topic, you have to get results to get that money. What kind of results? You either need to make sales, generate leads or get paid to showcase ads on your site.


Examples of Lifestyle Bloggers Bringing in the Big Bucks


If you think lifestyle blogging is something to laugh at – well stop it. You’re not going to make any money blogging that way.


Here are a couple of real-life examples of lifestyle bloggers that are absolutely cleaning it up!


Michelle Gardener from MakingSenseofCents.com rakes in a massive $100,000+ a month through her blog while she’s traveling full time in an RV. Yeah, girl. You go. lol


Rose Atwater may not make $100,000 a month blogging, but her last income report in Dec 2016 showed a whopping $8,000+ a month. She’s blogging about food! Yum!


Can I Make Money Blogging or Is It for the Chosen Few?


If you want to make money talking about your life, you might be wondering if it is possible or if only a few chosen people will actually make it?


The truth is that it is for the few chosen people, but the good news is you get to choose yourself.


How do you get to choose yourself? By showing up with valuable content day in and day out. Blogging isn’t one of those things that you write a few blog posts and ride off into the sunset with your money.


Blogging takes creating a plan of action and an insane amount of work ethic. In my blog post about how to start a blog, I lay out exactly how to get started but most people won’t ever take action.


Taking action can be scary and it is easy to get confused. If you want to be a paid lifestyle blogger, food blogger, mommy blogger or any other kind of blogger – you can do it!


It will take some sweat, blog (I mean blood), and tears, but I fully believe it is worth it. The first $12 affiliate commission I remember making felt so freaking amazing it wasn’t even funny.


One of the resources I used and still use is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an affiliate marketing school and you can see my experience with it here.


Thanks for stopping by. Who are some of your favorite lifestyle bloggers? Share with us in comments – I’d love to hear from you.


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