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This is my 2nd post about Black Friday. If you’re going to shop for Christmas, now is the time to do it.

If you wait until right before Christmas, you’re going to get the procrastination tax. Figure out what you want now and get things when they are on sale!

Shopping for Christmas Early

When you shop for Christmas early, you’re going to save yourself money and you’re going to take the stress off. It feels pretty amazing to have everything done early.

Me and Joe (hubs) and the kids celebrate Christmas just our little unit and we only buy presents for the kids. Truthfully, we buy everything else we want and need throughout the year whenever we want it. We build up the fun and enjoyment for the kids with Christmas shopping — and it’s a great way to see what they really want and what’s a passing phase.

Know Before You Go

Before you go to Target or any other retail store, you should know what you want before you go. If you don’t know what you want before you go, it’s likely you’re going to buy random things you didn’t even know you wanted.

One of the things that get me when I walk into Target is all the awesome little deals they have in the front.

Who else?

Since I know myself, I either give myself permission to buy it when I go to the store or I have to totally avoid it altogether and go to where what I have planned for is sold.

Even when it wasn’t Black Friday I found some cool storage bins that were really helpful when we lived in our smaller RV. It was a real lifesaver with our limited space. For those of you that don’t know, we’ve been living the full-time RV life since 2019.

What’s On My List?

Since we have such limited space in our RV, we like to go digital as much as possible. I am on the lookout for who is going to drop the best deal for the Nintendo Switch and its games. Come on Target, give me those Black Friday deals.

We are a proud media-loving family with Kindle fires for the kids (I bought those last Black Friday) and Xbox. Whenever the kids want more games, we can just download them and we don’t have to pack the RV with a lot of discs and such.

Our youngest wants a robot of some sort, creeper backpack, and some other little toys, so he’s easy. I also hope the graphics card that my oldest wants for his computer goes on sale because those things can be pricey. As you can tell, technology is where I need most of the Black Friday sales.

Getting the Good Deals

Make a list of the sites you’re considering buying from. Go and check when their Black Friday deals start and end. Check back until you see a deal that you’re willing to pay that amount of money and then snatch it up.

You never know when they are going to run out of the product. Last year I never got my Airpods because of that.

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping, friends!

These Black Friday deals are awesome -- especially the ones that are from Target. If you're looking for some great deals, make sure to pin this for later. #blackfriday #blackfriday2019

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