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4 Tactics for Trade Show Greatness

Trade Show Greatness

Preparing a successful trade show requires organization but it also benefits to have skills on the day. A trade show is a very interesting event because everybody goes in there with a palpable sense of excitement because of what lies ahead, whether it’s increased networking capabilities or more clients and customers.


Preparing an effective trade show is one piece of the puzzle. Let’s show you how you can make your trade show a runaway success. 


Preparing Way in Advance

Ensuring that you are ready for the show is not just about the booth or the business cards. While the minutiae of trade show display shelves and the layout of the booth are undoubtedly crucial, preparation will consist of a lot more headwork than anything else.

Liaising with your team to make sure that you’ve got your elevator pitches ready while also being able to showcase the brand in a positive light are a couple of little things that will make a big difference. Logistics are everything when it comes to planning an effective trade show. If you plan on launching your new products around the events or preparing giveaways, everything takes place at least one month before the event begins. 


Fine Tuning Your Social Media


The importance of preparing your social media in the run-up, during, and after the show is crucial. Posting photos, and setting up competitions will help to create that overall buzz around your business. 


Bringing the Right Staff Into the Trade Show


We have to remember that when we are showcasing our business, we must have the right people around us to walk the walk and talk the talk. Having the right team is integral, and it’s not just about giving them some spiel to reel off. But about making sure they know how the booth is working, what activities they are going to promote throughout the day, as well as what giveaways you plan on offering. Giveaways are great to reel people in. And when you have people who are bubbly and enthusiastic, this will always give off the right impression. 


The Follow Up


The opening day of the trade show will be a baptism of fire. Take the opportunity to make notes on what has worked well and what needs improvements. There could be little issues, such as the location of your booth resulting in minimal traffic. Or there could be a problem with the messaging.


Whatever the issue is, use these as real-time feedback to help yourself in the future. In addition, following up with any contacts or customers is the best way to keep your business fresh in their minds. When you make leaves, make sure they are all uploaded to the CRM system within 48 hours of the event finishing.


When marketing your business, trade shows are an essential component to increase your business’ scope, while also guaranteeing you are networking with the right customers and clients. Trade shows are not always so easy. It’s not just about having the right product or service, it’s about so many different components coming together.


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