A lot of youtubers are freaking out about YouTube partner program changes which you can read full details about on the creator’s blog: here. If you are a small creator you may feel like you are getting royally screwed, but don’t freak out too much. There is some sense behind it.

Why YouTube Partner Program Changes Suck

First, let’s look at why we feel felt like we got a sucker punch when we saw our YouTube channels were going to be demonetized.

I think a lot of it is the emotions of it. When you look at how hard we’ve worked on our channels and all of the effort that has gone into it, it can seem like a personal attack. As if, we were lumped in there with the people that caused so much trouble in 2017. (Spammers, impersonators, etc)

While YouTube clearly states on their blog that most of the accounts that are no longer going to be monetized weren’t making that much money anyway, there are some accounts that were, but YouTube is doing their best with the thousands of requests they get asking to make money on YouTube through their YouTube partner program.

Now, here is some real talk for you – yes, you there creator of YouTube awesomeness – this isn’t going away so stop crying about it and go out and get 1,000 subs. That is what I am going to do on both of my YouTube channels. Both Family Adventures TV and Jessica Lauren Vine have to up their game.

Why the Recent YouTube Partner Program Changes Rock

If you’re willing to calm down for a second and breathe, you are going to see pretty quickly that the changes to the YouTube partner program are not meant to hurt any of us. They are meant to protect those of us that are serious about growing our YouTube channels and doing things legit.

Making it more difficult for people to get approved for the YouTube partner program makes it more exclusive and it also means that advertisers are going to be more okay with paying for ads. If the advertiser’s ads are showing up on less than awesome videos, you don’t think they are happy about that do you? Of course not!

So, suck it up. Face the music and understand that these rules are not going away. Create awesome content, get it in front of the audience that needs it and go from there!



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