Stuff That Helps Me

What up guys? Here are a bunch of different things that have helped me out as I am building my business. YES, they are affiliate links so if you don’t want me to make money off them, just google them and go to the direct site. lol Enjoy…


(Email marketing, capture pages, webinar)

GetResponse is an amazing email marketing software that allows you to set up autoresponders and email broadcasts. You can also set up landing pages and webinars as well. I have been using them for over a year. Five stars. Great customer support and ease of use! Also very reasonable price. They even offer a 90-day course that is off the chain! Check it out.

(Social media)

I love love love this tools and the training offered there. This Instamate you can grab photos, edit them and post them to your IG to help create the viral effect you are trying to get. You can also cloak your URLs and sell directly from IG. Luke is da bomb and you should totally check it out.

Website Stuff


This book is off the chain if you want to learn about how to do business and how the business world works. I believe everyone should read this!

If you are a book freak like me then you totally have to check out Blinkist! You can read my Blinkist review here.

blinkist reader

Technical Stuff

You think my grammar is bad now? Just wait until you see what it would be like without this… lol

Grammar Help <— Life saver. hahah =)

Look Like a Professional

You need to make sure that you look good when you are meeting with your clients or when you are doing an online video. I am an emall operator for this fashion house / skincare company and you can get great discounts and cash rewards for shopping!

feri desinger lines

More to come!

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